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Well….the week  brought good and bad things, but it’s all a matter of perspective, I guess.  For the good things:  I read and reviewed FIVE books (and two were nonfiction!)…and now have 84 books completed for my Read the Books You Buy Challenge.

As for the rest….I will store it all in that place inside where things must go, until I can shift my perspective enough to accept what I cannot change…which could bring a little serenity.  Enough said.

Weather has been consistently cooler, but all the Christmas shows on Hallmark are making me silently protest…wait!  Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet.  But, of course, they had started all of that before Halloween.  So…what else is new?

I’m loving seeing the fall TV shows again, and in a week, The Affair (on Showtime) returns.  My Netflix viewing this week was…nonexistent.  Maybe that will change this weekend.

For now…let’s grab another cup of coffee…and maybe a Mimosa…and chat.






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INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Empty mailbox, and no approved e-ARCs this week.

Purchased Downloads:  Two!

In a Dark, Dark Wood (e-book), by Ruth Ware





Hillbilly Elegy (e-book), by J. D. Vance





WHAT’S NEXT? (Titles/Covers linked to Amazon)

This week, I made a list, hoping to steer myself toward books I need to read soon….Here’s what I came up with:

Currently Reading:  Rosemary:  The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, by Kate Clifford Larson






And then….because I need a light mystery….

Send in the Clowns (e-book), by Julie Mulhern





How about this one?


Sting (e-book), by Sandra Brown





That’s all, folks!  And, because I’m still dealing with stuff that makes me sad, I think I’ll go to one of my favorite neighborhood places where I can hide in my book…and eat and drink something like this:




What did your week look like?  I hope you’ll come on by and share!



  1. I understand how you are coming to terms with things – 2016 has been a shocking year!
    I’m paying far more attention to your TV watching now – I only found The Affair when I was sick a couple of months ago and watched the first series, I have just watched the first episode of the second series – loving the addition of Helen’s story!
    Your books look good too as does that bowl of soup!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Cleo, and I do love how books and TV/movie watching can help us escape from the harsh realities around us. I am so ready for the drama of The Affair!

      And blogging, too…I love how blog writing and visiting can feel like a healing pathway to serenity.

      I had more soup earlier, and that helped, too! lol

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    1. Thanks, Rita, and each book was so different! I love when that happens.

      Enjoy your week, and I’m also loving the Rosemary book. A part of the Kennedy family lore that I haven’t read before.

      I haven’t read Ruth Ware yet, so I’m eager for In a Dark, Dark Wood.


  2. Greg Hill

    Five books- wow! That is awesome. I think it’s funny Hallmark is playing christmas movies already, yeah it seems a little soon. Good grief Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet! Although I gave up cable so I’m not really in the loop on shows. I do miss it. And I didn’t watch ANY Netflix this week… didn’t even log in once!

    Ah Send in the Clowns. I’m thinking of reading that one next… can’t wait.

    Mmm that food definitely looks like a mood enhancer ha ha!

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    1. Thanks, Greg, and I was stunned when I counted them up and realized…they seemed to just flow, and so quickly!

      I am definitely ready for more Country Club Murders and that MC!

      I am thinking that I might watch some Netflix tomorrow.

      Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Deborah, and I guess I wouldn’t mind the Christmas shows so much if they didn’t skip right over Thanksgiving, my favorite! lol

      But…to be fair, I think I might have seen one teeny-tiny old movie about Thanksgiving.

      I am definitely eager to read In a Dark, Dark Wood…I’ve only read good things about it.

      Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your week.


  3. Five books!? FIVE BOOKS! That’s awesome. Well done!

    Best of luck with accepting all the things from the week – I think your way of dealing with things is a brilliant one. There’s often things we have to just accept and our reactions truly show our character.

    Enjoy that delicious meal and drink! And of course the books.

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    1. Thanks, Di, and I didn’t believe it at first, but I went and counted the books…again. Definitely not my usual number.

      I have learned (slowly over the years) that accepting what we cannot change is the only way to find any calmness…or serenity. Doesn’t mean I like what happened, but it doesn’t have to rule my life. Escape works, too. lol.

      Enjoy your week!

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    1. Thanks, Grace, I do love that show, The Affair, and it seems like it’s been a really long hiatus…thankfully, there were other shows and Netflix to fill in the void.

      I think it should be a wonderful season. Enjoy!


  4. Enjoy your books, and soup. It looks yummy. I know what you mean about the Christmas shows, not to mention the radio has started Christmas music. I told my coworkers the other day that the year was moving way to fast.

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  5. I do recall watching an excellent documentary about The Kennedys that charted the tragedy surrounding Rosemary – I hope you enjoy the book. Congratulations on reading 5 books this week – that’s an awesome number – hope you find this coming week a LOT easier! Take care. My granddaughter loves the views of your lovely home btw — and told me all about the doll that features:). Here is my Sunday Post – https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/sunday-post-13th-november-2016/

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    1. Thanks, Sarah, I loved the eclectic feel of my reading this week, too.

      As for that doll, I haven’t bought any in a while, but that one was on the Amazon Vine list, if you can imagine, so I thought: why not?

      I still have a few dolls out here and there, but many are packed away to avoid all the hassle of having to dust so many pieces. Enjoy your week!

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    1. Thanks, Mary, and I feel that loving books is the thing that saved me as a kid…and now, too.

      I’ve just been reading about Rosemary Kennedy’s lobotomy, however…and cringing. Sometimes reading opens us up to the horrors in life, too, but then we can pick up a lighter read.

      Enjoy your week!


  7. This week really has been a strange one. I’m all for escaping into my TV shows and books. I’m looking forward to The Affair returning.

    Send in the Clowns is on my Kindle. Now I just need more reading time 🙂 It does look good though. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks, Yvonne, and I’m all for a very different kind of week! I think I should stay off of FB, as some really annoying posts are still circulating.

      Enjoy your week, and I can’t wait to read Send in the Clowns.


  8. I am so sorry to hear you are having a sad time. I hope things turn around for you soon. Getting lost in books is an excellent cure. 🙂 I have just started seeing things about the book Rosemary. I am going to have to check into that one. Anything about the Kennedy family has always fascinated me, especially her story. I’ll be waiting to hear what you think.

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    1. Thanks, Susan, and I also love books about the Kennedys…they’ve always felt like “our royalty” here in the states.

      I agree about getting lost in books.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting and for your kind thoughts.



  10. Kathy Martin

    I should check to see if I have the Hallmark Channel. I’ve been hearing about some things that I would enjoy. On the other hand, I don’t need another time sink. This has been an interesting political week, hasn’t it? Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  11. It has been a hard, emotional week. I am so disappointed in the hate and negativity. It is especially bad here in Portland. Not matter how one feels about the results, it is time to pull together and respect each other. I am glad that you at least got some reading done. It is nice to escape into a good book.

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  12. Oh Laurel, it’s going to take us a good long while to recover from the election. We will both need a few (many) martinis and books to help us! I can relate completely. That Rose Kennedy book seems a bit sad — like she was hidden away and treatments were done on her, but it seems the family loved her too? Let’s hope for a better week. Sigh

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    1. Thanks, Susan, here’s to many happy martinis! And books…lol.

      Yes, from the book, it seemed as though the parents, especially Rose, worked really hard to find solutions for Rosemary.

      The photos showed her as a very beautiful child and young woman, which made it so sad that she couldn’t realize the potential she might have had.


  13. Sorry last week wasn’t the greatest. I hope things are better for you this week! You certainly had a busy week last week reading. I only managed to read the one book, Send in The Clowns looks like my type of read, I might just have to get that one myself.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today 🙂

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  14. Way to go rock star!! Five books read is an amazing accomplishment! I find myself eagerly turning to books this week as a way to disconnect and breathe from the chaos surrounding us currently. Books are always a constant that we can count on in tough times. Hope you have a blessed week and thanks for visiting me!

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  15. katarguelles

    You are doing amazing on your challenge. For next year I need to concentrate on the books I’ve purchased. The weather has also started to cool down here in Sacramento and I love this time of year. I hope you have a great week and happy reading!

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