Running into a long-ago friend sets memory from the 1970s in motion for August, transporting her to a time and a place where friendship was everything—until it wasn’t. For August and her girls, sharing confidences as they ambled through neighborhood streets, Brooklyn was a place where they believed that they were beautiful, talented, brilliant—a part of a future that belonged to them.

But beneath the hopeful veneer, there was another Brooklyn, a dangerous place where grown men reached for innocent girls in dark hallways, where ghosts haunted the night, where mothers disappeared. A world where madness was just a sunset away and fathers found hope in religion.

My Thoughts: In the narrative voice of a young woman named August, we follow her journey back to Sweet Grove, Tennessee, and forward to Brooklyn in the 1970s.

Memories and moments that seem to come in flashbacks are snippets out of time, revealing nostalgia and loss. A death, a missing mother, friendships that seem forever but then are not…all of it is seen from the character’s adult perspective.

Sometimes flashes come that signal fantasy, not reality. And then reality slams into her with all of its dangerous brutality.

Dead bodies are discovered nearby; drug addicts hide in the hallways; and children disappear when white women come for them.

Another Brooklyn is a panoramic view of a time, of dreams, and of how reality can turn grim…or hopeful. It snaps a portrait of growing up Girl in times that were a-changing. 4 stars.




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Well….the week  brought good and bad things, but it’s all a matter of perspective, I guess.  For the good things:  I read and reviewed FIVE books (and two were nonfiction!)…and now have 84 books completed for my Read the Books You Buy Challenge.

As for the rest….I will store it all in that place inside where things must go, until I can shift my perspective enough to accept what I cannot change…which could bring a little serenity.  Enough said.

Weather has been consistently cooler, but all the Christmas shows on Hallmark are making me silently protest…wait!  Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet.  But, of course, they had started all of that before Halloween.  So…what else is new?

I’m loving seeing the fall TV shows again, and in a week, The Affair (on Showtime) returns.  My Netflix viewing this week was…nonexistent.  Maybe that will change this weekend.

For now…let’s grab another cup of coffee…and maybe a Mimosa…and chat.






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INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Empty mailbox, and no approved e-ARCs this week.

Purchased Downloads:  Two!

In a Dark, Dark Wood (e-book), by Ruth Ware





Hillbilly Elegy (e-book), by J. D. Vance





WHAT’S NEXT? (Titles/Covers linked to Amazon)

This week, I made a list, hoping to steer myself toward books I need to read soon….Here’s what I came up with:

Currently Reading:  Rosemary:  The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, by Kate Clifford Larson






And then….because I need a light mystery….

Send in the Clowns (e-book), by Julie Mulhern





How about this one?


Sting (e-book), by Sandra Brown





That’s all, folks!  And, because I’m still dealing with stuff that makes me sad, I think I’ll go to one of my favorite neighborhood places where I can hide in my book…and eat and drink something like this:




What did your week look like?  I hope you’ll come on by and share!