For many years before she landed on Padre Island, Summer Newcombe lived several lives and numerous identities as part of the Witness Protection Program. But finding herself in this particular restaurant when a fire broke out that threatened lives and almost took her own could have been a fluke.

But Summer doesn’t really believe in accidents…or coincidences.

However, meeting the hunky firefighter who rescues her after she has risked her life for others is just another in a series of moments that will change her mind about serendipity.

Gabe Duran turns out to be the son of Summer’s landlord….and the serendipitous moments just keep happening.

How does the wise old woman named Maxie, who lives in the adjacent condo, figure into the mysterious connections adding up to create a whole new kind of life? Are they part of her mysterious past, or is something else going on?

But not all things coming together in this new place are good things. What is driving the perverted stalker who lives nearby? How will his plot to steal secrets about a life-changing invention somehow connect him to Summer? And who is the man who keeps showing up to supposedly “help” Summer? What is his agenda?

In Name Only is a story about secrets, mysterious mobsters, and how life can sometimes dish up more surprises than anticipated. Romantic moments fit themselves into this scenario as if they are unexpected treats. Some of the surprises toward the end were almost too perfect, but I did enjoy them. Who knew what unexpected connections might form, and seemingly out of nowhere? An enjoyable, somewhat predictable, four star read.

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