sunday-salon-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood morning!  Sunday Salon is our time together to share about our weeks….and to contemplate what lies ahead.

It has suddenly turned really COLD here….and I know, compared to some, it’s not that cold.  But I had to turn on the heat this morning.

Lest you think I’m whining, I do enjoy the briskness of the air in our winters.  And I’m glad that the hot, hot days are behind us.

Yesterday I stayed home all day!  Curled up, drinking lots of tea, and participating in various blogging activities.

At my Saturday Snapshot event, I shared about Christnases Past.

Here’s one peek into that album…I just love seeing the kids from years ago.  This one is from 2006, of my youngest grandson on Christmas.

Noah Christmas 2006

He’s almost ten, now, and still loves Christmas.

On Tuesday, I did a Potpourri post about feeling restless.  And on my Hump Day Potpourri, I shared my thoughts on how to make cleaning fun.  Yes, you read that right!  lol

On Story Corner:  In Accidental Moments Change Lives, I excerpted from An Accidental Life.

My Bookshelf Clearing Event from November yielded two winners. 

Reading:  (Click Titles/Covers for Reviews):

1.  The Good Woman, by Jane Porter


2.  Sugar Springs, by Kim Law


3.  In Name Only (e-book), by Carol Kilgore


Each book engaged me, which made for a wonderful week.

Today I’m reading another page-turner:  Chanel Bonfire, by Wendy Lawless.  A memoir about sisters, a flawed mother, and survival.


Chanel Bonfire depicts a childhood blazed through the refined aeries of the Dakota and the swinging town houses of London, while the girls’ beautiful but damned mother desperately searches for glamour and fulfillment. Ultimately, Wendy and her sister must choose between living their own lives and being their mother’s warden—the hardest, most painful, yet most important decision each of them will ever make.


What does your day look like?  I’m going to have some breakfast in bed and watch movies on my DVR.


13 thoughts on “TSS: REFLECTIONS — DEC. 16

    1. Ha-ha! Would it surprise you that I downsized from 20 blogs to 11?

      Consolidating is a lot more work than keeping up with the blogs…if you want to save things and match all the links, etc.

      Each blog appeals to different aspects of my world….and I would be MORE restless without them…Did I hear you say DID? (Multiple personality disorder)?

      Thanks for the suggestion, though, and for stopping by, Bryan. Enjoy your reading….



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