Welcome to our second Sunday Salon in November!

With a whole week behind us at our “new” time (for those who did change their clocks), how is it going?  Are you enjoying the longer evenings?

I like curling up in the living room with a good book, or watching a TV show or two.  I love the fall season, with the brisk weather and the TV lineup.

Last week, after my clock changing, and after watching my DVDs of Lipstick Jungle, I decided to go crazy with the rearranging of the dining area.

Yes, I’d been staring for a long time at that Baker’s Rack, sitting politely over there by the patio door, as if it is the least important piece in the room!

It took awhile to remove everything from the two pieces that needed to “change places.”  And then, afterwards, the whole wall had to be revamped, as the pictures didn’t look right.

But finally…here’s what it looks like now.



And here’s the story of that journey:  MY MANY JOURNEYS:  RECONFIGURING, RELOCATING, & PONDERING.

From that journey onward, I had some fun on the blogs.

Around the Blogs:

Continuing my October Shelf-Clearing (until Nov. 14):  I have added more books to the Reading Room.

I took some time to enjoy the moments:  Finding Pleasure in the Whimsical.

My Sweet Saturday Sample continued the story of Interior Designs.

Reading-Click Titles/Covers for Reviews:

1.  Happier at Home (e-book), by Gretchen Rubin

2.  The Death of Bees, by Lisa O’Donnell

3.  Finding Casey, by Jo-Ann Mapson

4.  The Glass Butterfly (e-book), by Louise Marley

I thoroughly enjoyed all of these books!  Sometimes I have a week like that….more often, the “book love” ranges from fabulous to less fabulous.  Not this time!

And today, after I finish posting this, I’m curling up in bed and having my breakfast there, instead of here at the computer.  I plan to watch some shows/movies on my DVR…and I’ll be reading this book:

The Empty Glass, by J. I. Baker

What does your day look like?  I hope you’ll come on by and chat!

11 thoughts on “TSS: A HAPPY AT HOME WEEK — NOV. 11


  2. Well, it looks like you have had a busy week, but I do love your new Baker’s Rake. Isn’t it great when you find something you want and it is discounted to boot. Hopefully the store owners are going on to a new, wonderful adventure.


  3. Your place looks cozy, nice rearrange. I think the longer evenings for me seem conducive to more TV, more reading and more sleeping! and less going out. Enjoy your week!


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