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Welcome to another Sunday Salon.  As we enter the month of November, I can already smell the turkey, taste the stuffing, and inhale all the blessed scents that accompany this season.

I don’t even know the details of my Thanksgiving plans yet, but they will bring joy.  And they will bring some family moments.

Here’s a photo from last Thanksgiving that I still treasure.



One of our traditions is to meet a couple of days after Thanksgiving, to allow a get-together of all who could not be with us on the actual day.  We go to a restaurant and then we snap some photos afterwards.

We’re still planning to do that this year.

I’m grateful for family and those special connections.

Now…here’s what’s happening around my house this week.  I have had some blogging adventures, like these…





Reading Week – Click Titles for Reviews

1.  The Grief of Others, by Leah Hager Cohen

2.  Bogey Nights, by Marja McGraw

3.  Wrecker, by Summer Wood


Each of these books was different enough that my reading week was quite enjoyable.

I’m still reading another great book, called The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, by Joshilyn Jackson, and I am enjoying every moment.

I’m really grateful for all the wonderful books on my toppling TBR stacks…and instead of seeing the sheer numbers as something overwhelming, I’m adding this one to my “gratitude” list, too!

What are you grateful for this month?  I hope to see you here later….

12 thoughts on “TSS: GRATITUDE — NOV. 6

    1. Thanks, Mason. We started those traditions years ago when I was living in the foothills. In the guesthouse next door, my daughter and her husband lived, and at that time, she cooked up a feast for those get-togethers. She loves to cook.

      But nowadays, our lives aren’t conducive to that…and we go to restaurants. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I like that tradition a lot! This month I’m grateful for friends and family. I’m also grateful that I have a stack of books to read!

    You’ve also managed to get a lot of reading done this week. I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch with all the other outside things I’ve had to get done.

    I also love that pic of your grandkids!


    1. Yes, I realized in recent years how traditions help us connect to the important things in our lives.

      Just as blogging is another form of connection.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jeremy, and enjoy your reading.


  2. I woke up this morning realizing that Thanksgiving was just around the corner! I was thankful for that extra hour of sleep! ;o). I enjoy The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, glad you are too.


    1. Oh, yes…I have had a hard time doing anything else since I started it, but my eyes got tired and I took a break. Almost done.

      Thanks for stopping by, Nise….and I forgot about the time change and didn’t set my clocks back! So no extra sleep for me until this afternoon, when I took a nap.


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