Rachel and Jack. Paige and Noah. And Will. Five friends who’ve known one another for years. Then along came Ali, Will’s new fiancée.

The three couples travel to Portugal for Ali and Will’s destination wedding. The weekend away at the gorgeous cliff-top villa is a chance to relax and get to know Ali a little better. She seems perfectly nice—and Will seems happy after years of bad choices.

But when Rachel discovers a shocking secret about Ali, everything changes. As the wedding weekend unfolds, the secrets each of them holds begin to spill, and friendships and marriages threaten to unravel.

In Sandie Jones’s explosive new suspense novel, jumping to conclusions can become the difference between life and death.

Almost immediately, The Guilt Trip reveals a group of old friendships beginning to unravel with the addition of one person: Will’s fiancé. Rachel and Paige are especially put off by the attention-grabbing Ali, and behind everything she says, they see untruths and secrets that are unacceptable.

But when they begin to doubt each other and their spouses, they are plunged into a devastating cycle that has no good end in sight.

I felt most connected to Rachel and hoped that whatever she discovers about the others will not cause her life to implode. But unfortunately, there is no happy ending here. A 5 star read.


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