Welcome to another Bookish Friday, in which we  share excerpts from books…and connect with other bloggers, who do the same.

Let’s begin the celebration by sharing Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader; and let’s showcase The Friday 56 with Freda’s Voice.

To join in, just grab a book and share the opening lines…along with any thoughts you wish to give us; then turn to page 56 and excerpt anything on the page.

Then give us the title of the book, so others can add it to their lists! What a great way to spend a Friday!

Today’s feature is a book I purchased a while ago, one that I shared today on my Backlog post at my Curl up and Read site:  Crime Scene, by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman.


Book Beginning:  Don’t make assumptions.

Every now and then, I remind myself of that.

Every now and then, the universe does the reminding for me.

When I meet new people, they’re usually dead.


Friday 56:  The anniversary code failed, as did the two additional codes she sent me the next day.  With three attempts left, I’d had my fill of living dangerously.  I went upstairs to Forensics.


Synopsis:  Natural causes or foul play? That’s the question Clay Edison must answer each time he examines a body. Figuring out motives and chasing down suspects aren’t part of his beat—not until a seemingly open-and-shut case proves to be more than meets his highly trained eye.

Eccentric, reclusive Walter Rennert lies cold at the bottom of his stairs. At first glance the scene looks straightforward: a once-respected psychology professor, done in by booze and a bad heart. But his daughter Tatiana insists that her father has been murdered, and she persuades Clay to take a closer look at the grim facts of Rennert’s life.

What emerges is a history of scandal and violence, and an experiment gone horribly wrong that ended in the brutal murder of a coed. Walter Rennert, it appears, was a broken man—and maybe a marked one. And when Clay learns that a colleague of Rennert’s died in a nearly identical manner, he begins to question everything in the official record.

All the while, his relationship with Tatiana is evolving into something forbidden. The closer they grow, the more determined he becomes to catch her father’s killer—even if he has to overstep his bounds to do it.

The twisting trail Clay follows will lead him into the darkest corners of the human soul. It’s his job to listen to the tales the dead tell. But this time, he’s part of a story that makes his blood run cold.


What do you think?  Even though this book has been languishing on my Kindle for three years, I love this author and his books, so now I have moved it forward on my stack.



    1. Thanks for stopping by, Bea, and I have read both father and son books, but none with them writing together. I am eager to see what this new series looks like. With senior Kellerman, my favorites were the Alex Delaware books.


  1. Gilion Dumas

    It’s a great beginning and teaser. I’ve only read a couple of Jonathon Kellerman’s books and liked them. Is Jesse his son or daughter? Is Jonathon still alive and writing with his offspring, or is the kid writing in the father’s name?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how his books pull me right in, which explains why I got so hooked by them. I’ve missed a few of the later ones, so I plan to find them and read them. I’ve read books by Faye and Jesse, too. Thanks for visiting, Roberta.


  2. “The universe does the reminding for me” – somehow that strikes me as a great quote for right now. I’ve only read one book by Jonathan Kellerman years ago, but enjoyed it a lot. This sounds like another one I’d love. Thanks for sharing, and happy reading!

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    1. I used to grab every Kellerman book the minute it hit the stores…and I still love them, but I have also discovered other thriller writers that compete with his books. But whenever I pick up one of his, I sink into the story and the characters. He has a way of creating characters you want to revisit (like Alex Delaware, in that series he writes).

      Thanks for visiting, Anne.


  3. Literary Feline

    Two great authors and what a beginning! I hope you love this one, Laurel-Rain. It’s been too long since I last read anything by Jonathan Kellerman. I’ve only reads one of their joint written books, and it. Have a great week!

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