Welcome to another Bookish Friday, in which I  share excerpts from books…and connect with other bloggers, who do the same.

Let’s begin the celebration by sharing Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader; and let’s showcase The Friday 56 with Freda’s Voice.

To join in, just grab a book and share the opening lines…along with any thoughts you wish to give us; then turn to page 56 and excerpt anything on the page.

Then give us the title of the book, so others can add it to their lists!

What a great way to spend a Friday!

Today’s feature is a recent download: Come Find Me, by Megan Miranda,  a captivating thriller about two teens who connect when each discovers a mysterious radio frequency, which suggests their family tragedies are mysteriously connected.



Book Beginning:  (Kennedy)

They say the universe is constantly heading toward disorder, and I believe it.  Walls go up, and walls come down.  Buildings crumble, governments fall, civilizations collapse.  Stars explode.

People live.

People die.

On and on it goes.

Everything falls apart.

Please don’t think I’m a pessimist.  These are just the facts.


Friday 56:  There’s some sort of master switch below the fuse box, a red lever, and I pull it to the side.  But as I do, the lights brighten for a second, as if there’s a sudden surge of electricity instead of a cutoff.  Like the light in the hallway, too bright, buzzing.  And then everything goes dead.


Synopsis:  After surviving an infamous family tragedy, sixteen-year-old Kennedy Jones has made it her mission to keep her brother’s search through the cosmos alive. But then something disturbs the frequency on his radio telescope–a pattern registering where no signal should transmit.

In a neighboring county, seventeen-year-old Nolan Chandler is determined to find out what really happened to his brother, who disappeared the day after Nolan had an eerie premonition. There hasn’t been a single lead for two years, until Nolan picks up an odd signal–a pattern coming from his brother’s bedroom.

Drawn together by these strange signals–and their family tragedies–Kennedy and Nolan search for the origin of the mysterious frequency. But the more they uncover, the more they believe that everything’s connected–even their pasts–as it appears the signal is meant for them alone, sharing a message that only they can understand. Is something coming for them? Or is the frequency warning them about something that’s already here?


What do you think?  Would you keep reading?


40 thoughts on “BOOKISH FRIDAY: “COME FIND ME”

  1. Literary Feline

    This sounds really good, Laurel-Rain! I wonder what they will find in their search. I bet this is a page turner. I hope you are enjoying it! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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