It’s time for another Bloggiesta!  From March 19-25, we will have a full-fledged event.

As usual, I’m taking on a different blog than last time…and starting with a bare-bones list, to which I will probably add.

My Tasks:


Here are some headers I tried:



The third one is now leading the charge!  The background went from dark green to light.


Join the party!


22 thoughts on “BLOGGIESTA: MARCH 19-25

  1. Great that you’ve completed almost everything on the list before the party has even started. I need to start doing that because inevitably something unexpected comes up and I end up scrambling to finish.

    I’m hosting a mini-challenge about blog security. Do you have any suggestions/tips?

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      1. ericarobyn

        hahaha! Same! Last round I had all my goals finished before it started…and then the dates were bumped. So I had everything completed like a month before! 🙂

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  2. My goal involved scheduling posts for April. I have scheduled posts this week . . . for March. Oh well. I have only been half as productive as I would have liked but I updated my Review Policy, as well. Your changes look great 🙂 Looks like you have been pretty productive!

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