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Here we are at the end of July, more than halfway through the year.  It has been a great month, despite the crickets (which seem to be gone!); and also despite the triple digit temperatures.  Today will be 106, apparently.  We have had temps as high as 110 in the past few days, so I am taking matters into my own hands.  It is time to head for the beach!

My granddaughter Fiona and I are taking the 10 hour trek up north, to beach country near the Oregon border.  My youngest son and his wife live there, so we’ll have a long overdue visit.  Fun, beachy good times, and some reading.  Maybe.  (Below), one of the sights we will see.



Eureka! They found it


I will not be taking my laptop, so there will be no blog posts between Sunday and possibly Thursday.  (I have yet to find a way to post blogs using my iPhone…LOL).

I’ll probably be able to visit blogs, though.

No Netflix while we’re gone, either, unless my son and DIL have it.  But I suspect we will be doing some sight-seeing…so the usual routines will be superseded.



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INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

One book came in my mailbox:  a purchase I made.  I also downloaded four e-books.


Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann (50th Anniversary Copy) (A reread)






I’ve Got Sand in All the Wrong Places (e-book), by Lisa Scottoline







This Must Be the Place (e-book), by Maggie O’Farrell







Truly Madly Guilty (e-book), by Liane Moriarty







The Truth-Teller’s Lie (e-book), by Sophie Hannah




truth teller's resized








There are a variety of books that will be available to me, if I make the time to read, since I’ll be taking Pippa, my Kindle, with me.  I will follow my whims this week.






That’s it for my week.  What did yours look like?  I will be drinking lots of iced tea today and tomorrow.






  1. No Netflix?? I think I’d go through withdrawal lol. Seriously though enjoy your trip, how fun you get to visit your son and family. Beach time is definitely nice in the summer. and those temps you get- I would fry. It gets in the high 80’s here and I start complaining! Do you get the mugginess too?

    That picture looks very inviting. I love being by the water in the summer. I hope you like Truly Madly Guilty. I have that one to read too soon- maybe the next one or the one after that most like. LEt’s hope it’s as good as Big Little Lies is! Enjoy your break!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I know, I will probably go through withdrawal without Netflix…and definitely without my laptop. But I’m determined to unplug…at least a little bit. I’ll still have my iPhone.

      Thanks for stopping by, Greg, and our heat is pretty dry. I don’t think we could manage those triple digits with humidity, too.

      I loved Big Little Lies, so I’m feeling optimistic about Truly Madly Guilty.

      The 10 hour road trip isn’t something I am looking forward to, although most of it will be right on the coast (Hwy. 101), so that could be great.


  2. Oh, a well deserved break Laurel and I think it’s great to have that digital detox every so often!

    Love the view, so I hope you enjoy yourself (ves). I didn’t manage to get Moriarty’s latest… not sure which of the gods I’ve angered on that front!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like the concept of the “digital detox.” Giving it that label makes it seem doable. LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Deborah, and I love that view, too. Looking forward to it. Enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, and my Kindle is tucked away in my bag…lots of books on it! I am trying not to dread the long drive, reminding myself that most of it will be along the coast (Hwy. 101).

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for stopping by.


    1. I woke up early this morning, obsessing about everything I have to pack…and that doesn’t include any devices other than my phone and Kindle! But chargers for phone and Kindle, etc., plus all the hair products, etc…..medications…it makes me realize how little I’ve traveled in the past few years. It’s time!

      Thanks for stopping by, Cleo, and enjoy your week.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You trip sounds super peaceful! You could try visiting YouTube to see if they have any videos that could help you with posting from your iPhone. You’re killing me with your Disney figurines!! I can’t take it!!! Enjoy your week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, yes, I will miss my Disney figurines while I’m gone. I looked at my map for the trip on my phone…and I think I’ve got it! I forgot about toll for the bridge, though…will have to get cash, as I’ll bet they don’t take cards. LOL. Thanks for visiting, Leona.


  4. Yikes. 106! Or even Yikes! 106. Either way, it doesn’t sound good. Here it’s been in the high 80s and low 90s and I can’t stand it. I can’t imagine 100s. I don’t blame you for wanting to get out of “Dodge,” so to speak. Enjoy your time away, and the usual routines being superdeded. Sometimes it’s necessary.

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  5. Enjoy, enjoy! It sounds wonderful, family, sight-seeing, a road trip with a granddaughter, and getting away from this depressing heat spike! We’ve been between 95-109 (okay just a couple of days at this temp) for the past few weeks. With my husband’s history of melanoma we don’t want to go to the beach when it’s so incredibly hot out, though we did take a trip with granddaughter last week. We all had some redness despite application of sunscreen.

    Have much fun– don’t bother to blog– you need to have a few days of just relaxing!
    I enjoyed the Scottoline memoir book you received, and I look forward to reading Damaged too, as she is one of my go-to authors!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m having one last morning on my blogs, visiting comments, etc., Rita, as we’re off on the trip in a couple of hours.

      I’m looking forward to it….and I also love Scottoline books. Damaged was one I couldn’t put down. Enjoy!


  6. jsamuelsen

    Have a great visit! The Oregon Coast is beautiful! It’s nice to have a chance to unplug a little which sounds like what’s going to happen. No Netflix!?!? Gasp whatever will you do? Sightseeing will be lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My granddaughter says that her dad (whom we’re going to see) has Netflix, so maybe it won’t be complete withdrawal. LOL. Thanks for visiting, jsamuelsen. I love the coast, especially Northern California and Oregon.


  7. katarguelles

    It’s been really hot here in Sacramento and I can’t wait for it to cool down. I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the time with your family. That picture is gorgeous and looks so relaxing (and cool lol).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Chelsea, I am now back from my getaway, having unplugged (except for my iPhone and Kindle), and while I’m still reeling from the fun and the beach, and exhausted from the driving, I did manage to read two books while away. Haven’t reviewed them yet, though…no laptop there!


  8. adventureswithabooknerd

    Your trip sounds really nice! I should probably go on a Netflix break as well because it has been over powering my reading time. Read a lot, drink a lot of ice tea, and have a fun week. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow that looks wonderful! Great idea to head to the beach. Is that past the town of Eureka? Where is that? I hope you have a wonderful week there. Perfect for beach reading and visiting with your kids. A break is a good thing. Have fun and don’t forget the martinis!

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