Today I’ve been thinking about those accidental moments in our lives, the happenstance…the SERENDIPITY.

All of those themes that are featured in the book I first published, An Accidental Life, and created in the A-frame house pictured above.



As I recall the history of that book and this blog, I took a look at my “about” page, and decided to excerpt this portion:


When I decided to create this blog, I had been contemplating some issues about life and choices…and how sometimes we end up accidentally in one place or another, either because we made a choice that had these results, or perhaps because we didn’t make a choice…and life just happened to us.  Serendipitously.

In working with dysfunctional families as a social worker (for three decades!), I saw many of my clients making “choices” in this way.  Just allowing things to happen to them.

I also recalled how I sometimes made a choice and wound up facing unexpected consequences.  So I thought…what if I created characters out of these ideas, and spotlighted ways in which they found themselves inexplicably in one place or another because of choice?  An accidental choice.

So my first published novel came about.

However, this particular blog is not just about that first novel.  It encompasses the issues of choice, accidental moments, consequences, and how to live with these events.


Going back to the beginning sometimes helps me focus.  Which brings me to my next point:  I began posting my Sunday Salon events here, back in the day, when the blog was called An Accidental Life…then, Accidental Moments.

Nowadays, I combine the Sunday Salon event with others, like The Sunday Post,Mailbox Monday, Stacking the Shelves, and It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

I took a detour for a while over to Rainy Days and Mondays, as I had just moved that site to Word Press from Blogger and wanted to give it a chance to attract visitors.

But this Sunday, I’ll be returning to my “roots” and posting all of those events here.  I hope you’ll stop by and join in the serendipitous moments.

Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of opportunities to Chase Away the Blues on my Rainy Days and Mondays site….In the meantime, Enjoy Life’s Unexpected Treasures here….





8 thoughts on “RETURNING TO MY ROOTS

  1. The biggest change in my life was made more or less on a whim, I moved to Jersey based on a conversation over pizza with my friend. That one decision altered the whole course of my life – I had my daughter, got married, had my son and later I got a job in a specialist field. Later I got divorced and despite being happy as a single woman met a new and lovely man (who unaware what I’m writing has just told me he’s glad he found me when he did otherwise I’d be off with someone else) None of that would have happened (or certainly not with those who matter most to me) without that decision, Great to have you back here Laurel.


    1. Thanks, Cleopatra, and I loved hearing about your “accidental” choices. I have had many of those, beginning with unique meetings that came out of nowhere, or a party that I hadn’t planned to attend, but did at the last moment, which brought my second husband into my life. Even though we are no longer together, we had special times over the years, and created two wonderful children.

      I have read books that spotlight those kinds of moments, and as a result, I feel a special connection to them. And in creating my first novel, I explored through my characters the same kinds of events.

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