Joanna Lindsay and Alistair Robertson had built their happiness on the pain of others. Their love affair broke apart the marriage between Alistair and his wife Alexandra, and caused him to lose contact with his daughter Chloe when Alexandra took her to Melbourne.

Joanna hadn’t known he was married at first, but when she discovered that fact, she continued the relationship. It was only when Alexandra caught them together that the marriage was over.

Now Joanna and Alistair have a nine-week-old baby, Noah, and they are on a flight to Melbourne, from Glasgow.

Throughout at least part of the flight, Noah has been crying incessantly. Other passengers have complained and Joanna is more and more stressed out. Alistair does little or nothing to help, sleeping and eating just fine. Joanna is at her wit’s end.

Then there is a problem in the security check regarding liquids; the attendants require that the bottles be emptied, even though they were medicine. More must be obtained, in a rush. There was a mix-up later, apparently, and much of what transpires in the rest of The Cry will come down to what actually happened. And then, when an awful discovery is made, Joanna and Alistair are lying and leading the authorities and media astray.

What will Joanna discover, underneath the lies that Alistair has told her? How will she finally resolve the terrible dysfunction of her relationship with Alistair and find peace at last?

The story alternates between Joanna’s perspective and Alexandra’s, and it flashes back and forth in time. Another page-turner that had no happy ending, but there is a kind of resolution. 4.5 stars.


  1. I’m kind of on the fence about reading this. In one way, it sounds like something I would like. In another, the whole idea of the baby crying, no help from the ‘husband’ or whatever, frustration deluxe – I’d have to be in a very calm mood or I’m afraid I’d want to pitch the book across the room. I like the puzzle aspects – figuring out the story. But that crying baby and worry about that! LOL


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