Dee and Simon grew up in a world outside the norm, with a mother immersed in special ops, with secret missions and a handler whose presence felt intrusive.

Annette Vess had been a big deal in her time, with the nickname Spider, and even though she couldn’t tell her secrets to her kids, she taught them plenty of lessons along the way. Lessons that, in the end, could save their lives.

Monday’s Lie is an intriguing story with Dee Vess Aldrich as the first person narrator. When the story opens, we focus in on Dee’s memories of the past, and especially one particular night of terror, after which their mother is gone for seven months.

Moving between the past and the present, we see Dee zeroing in on a place and some answers she has been seeking for a while. What is the significance of Carlisle, Inc.? What is her husband Patrick hiding? How will his dark secrets affect her future, and what does her future hold?

Simon works in law enforcement and seems less disturbed by their past than Dee, but he is there to provide comfort and an assist now and then. What will Dee learn about Simon before the story ends? And how will Dee once again connect with the past through former operatives like Brian Menary and Paul Rowland?

Lots of twists and turns kept me turning pages until the somewhat dark conclusion. As much as I enjoyed the plot and the characters, the writing style was hard to follow at times. The sentences were flowery and beautiful, actually, but they interfered with my concentration. Otherwise, a satisfying read. 4.0 stars


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