19286668Two friends, Orianna and Ivy, who also happen to be colleagues, are torn apart by the unexpected promotion of one of them.

Ivy is so enraged by Orianna’s promotion to Creative Director at their advertising agency in London, that she immediately begins a crusade, albeit sneakily, to get even.

Will Orianna, who originally believes that Ivy is taking everything pretty well, eventually discover the lengths to which her friend has gone? Will Ivy’s secrets, the ones that go beyond the current situation, be discovered?

Getting Even is a captivating tale of friendship, work, and romance…and how envy and lust can turn into something quite malevolent.

Even more compelling was how the author showed a variety of relationships and scandals within the workplace and in a local gym, and invited the reader to take a peek into the private lives of all the characters–some we were rooting for and others we loved to hate. And what fun to see how the various secrets and betrayals were finally revealed…and then to glimpse a final twist, making you wonder who really did come out on top. 4.0 stars.

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