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Earlier today, I was out running errands and having lunch…and couldn’t wait to get back home.  It is still very hot out, with triple digits through the weekend.  Someone posted about snow on her blog…and I was green with envy!  Even though I don’t necessarily want snow here…

Next weekend, I am looking forward to Bloggiesta...and the movie This Is Where I Leave You.  Yes, I have posted about it before, but I can’t stop gushing.  I loved the book, and I adore the actors in the cast….so that’s how it goes.

Do you have anything you are gushing about?  While you are pondering, here’s what happened in my blog world this past week.



Under a Cloud of Suspicion:  An Excerpt from “Interior Designs”

A Guilty Pleasure:  I Am Obsessive About My TBR Stacks

Tuesday Sparks:  Intros/Teasers – “Then and Always”

Tuesday Potpourri:  Acceptance

Waiting for “The Girl Next Door”

My Bookish (and Not So Bookish Thoughts):  Subliminal Images

Friday Potpourri:  Book Beginnings/Friday 56 – “Midnight Betrayal”

Saturday Snapshots:  Taking Alec to College

Review:  Tears & Tequila, by Linda Schreyer and Jo-Ann Lautman (Publicist Request)

Review:  Gringa in a Strange Land (e-book), by Linda Dahl (Mt. TBR Stack)

Review:  The Devil’s Foothold (e-book), by Marilyn Meredith (Mt. TBR Stack)

Review:  Midnight Betrayal, by Melinda Leigh (Author Review Request)


INCOMING BOOKS;  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


Three review books came in my mailbox from Amazon Vine!  Yay!  And then I downloaded three e-books to feed the ever-hungry Sparky.


Friendswood, by Rene Steiner (Amazon Vine)





Safe Keeping, by Barbara Taylor Sissel (Amazon Vine)






Crooked River, by Valerie Geary (Amazon Vine)








After I Do (e-book), by Taylor Jenkins Reid






The Children Act (e-book), by Ian McEwan






Virgin River (e-book), by Robyn Carr








WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


A Question of Guilt (e-book), by Frances Fyfield (for Mt. TBR Challenge)





Then and Always, by Dani Atkins (Vine Review)





A Wedding and a Killing, by Lauren Carr (Author Review Request)



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00064]



And there we are…the cycle is complete!  Blog Posts Written, Books Read and Reviewed, New Books on the Stacks….and Upcoming Reads.  Do you ever feel as if your routines are so predictable you could complete them in your sleep?  Is it a good thing to change up the routines occasionally?

Something to ponder.  I spend time every week messing around with my blogs, from the themes to the backgrounds and headers.  Earlier today, I cleared out some of the files in my office…it was amazing the outdated things I found there!

My granddaughter Fiona (below) changes her hair color.







  1. I do feel I get a bit predictable from time to time on the blog, so yeah… I can relate to that. I could probably stand a little shakeup here and there…

    Sounds like you have quite the heat, we’re lucky to be cooling off now although when it gets down in the 40’s that might be a bit too cool! Still, good sleeping weather. I just hope we don’t cool off too much… a nice gradual fall would be fine with me.


    1. I think I have so many blogs, Greg, to avoid being predictable, but I’ve noticed that the regular features, like the Weekly Updates, seem to follow a pattern.

      And yes, I am so over the heat! Definitely needing a cool-down. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Safe Keeping looks interesting and so does After I Do. Hope you enjoy all your new books, you have a fun selection to pick and choose from.
    I do find my layouts can be predictable but then I try to stay creative within that so I don’t mind that too much. And I can’t lie, I like routines. Such as my Sunday morning blog visiting!


  3. We’re eagerly waiting for heat to come back here, The sun is hesitant and we dress all autumn like. Changing the routines is good but sometimes, when you’re really tired, routines are the only way to get things done – it’s like you’re on automatic pilot and don’t need to think. And I’m not talking about blogging here 😉 Have a great week !


    1. I do notice that, especially in the mornings, routines get me through. Auto pilot is a good description of it. If I vary the routine too much, nothing will get done. Now to just find a way to keep the routines interesting! Thanks for stopping by, Iza.


  4. Cait

    A Question of Guilt definitely looks creepy! But snow already?! Woah, the weather must be moving fast on that side of the hemisphere. It’s still cold in Australia, much to my annoyance. Gah. I just want some warm weather!! My Sunday Post!


    1. Ha-ha…and here I am longing for cooler weather! Not snow, though. Never snow….only if I drive somewhere to “visit” the snow…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Cait, and A Question of Guilt is definitely an unusual read. It has taken me a while to truly engage, but now I have.


    1. Thanks, Pat, I loved the book and hope to love the movie…I noticed from the list of characters for the movie that they changed some of the character names, including the surname. I hope that doesn’t mean too much else has changed!

      Glad you could stop by.


    1. I think that some amount of predictability is comforting, like a familiar home or familiar faces…we just have to vary things enough to keep ourselves fresh…and I’m not quite sure if I’m doing that…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kate.


  5. I’m definitely predictable in my blogging but I don’t have time at the moment to change things up. Maybe this winter.
    I liked After I Do and Virgin River. Have a good week!


  6. We have had cooler temps yesterday and today but before that it was broiling so no snow here! You’ve gotten some interesting books! You had some great reviews this past week! I know I added several to my TBR. I think I get rid of the rut feel by changing the genre that I’m reading though I do have a few projects that are different coming up!


  7. Great week, great haul! Yep, we have triple digits also here. My son is visiting so I bought a jigsaw puzzle to see if the gang was up for a bit of family bonding time, but everyone retreated to their rooms after dinner, so maybe next week.
    I loved the two Barbara Taylor Sissel books and two Robyn Carr books I’ve read. Glad you are trying them out. Friendswood on my radar as is (now) Then and Always and A Question of Guilt.
    I’m also looking forward to the movie of This is Where I Leave You, but I need to read the book first…maybe…not sure which order I will do this in.
    Thanks for sharing a great post this weekend.


    1. I’m glad I read the book, but I don’t always read the book first. I am excited to be trying some new authors…I find I do that more and more these days.

      Thanks for stopping by, Rita, and yes…grown kids do their own thing, don’t they?



  9. I have noticed that I do the same exact thing every single week, I am trying to come up with new and creative ideas on how to present a review. I hope you have an amazing week and a Happy Sunday 🙂

    Sunday Post

    xx Kat xx


  10. Sorry about your heat. We are starting to get cooler here in north Florida – down from the 90s to the mid 80s during the days. Mornings and eves are pretty nice.
    I do get predictable, sad to say. But right now I am too busy with work areas to be changing up the blog life. Maybe someday in the future that will happen.
    Looks like you have some good reading going on. Enjoy, enjoy!


  11. Sharon Taylor

    No gushing over anything for me this week. Will have to find something soon I think. 😉
    Hope you enjoy your new books, have a great week Laurel.


  12. Teddyree

    Cool pic of your granddaughter, rockin’ her new hair colour! Haunting cover on Crooked River and I’ll have to check out what Safe Keeping is about, sometimes I think it’s my type of read just from the cover lol. Have a great week and happy reading. Hope the temps ease a little 🙂


    1. Thanks, Teddyree…I never know from one week to the next what color her hair will be! My daughter has done a lot of that over the years, too.

      I also adore the cover on Crooked River…the blurb grabbed me, so I’m eager to dive in. I haven’t read anything by Barbara Taylor Sissel, so I’m looking forward to it.

      Here’s hoping for a downward turn in the temps!


  13. thebookdate

    Love your grand daughter’s hair – she’s changing it up! I hope you enjoy your download of Virgin River at some time. Loved that series, light but good. Love the idea of tidying out – I must do it sometime!


  14. Triple digits, I must admit I don’t envy you that, I love Autumn and the cooler weather it brings 🙂 Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the new McEwan novel. I absolutely loved Atonement, but somehow didn’t get into some of his other works.
    Enjoy your books.


    1. Yes, that snow was from someone farther East….but there’s no chance of it here. Well, I shouldn’t say NO chance, as I remember once about forty years ago…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sam, and I hope you enjoy your reading!


    1. Yes, many schools have issues with hair color around here, but right now, Fiona is doing independent studies, finishing up high school. She has also taken some college classes, and there things are more relaxed.

      Thanks for visiting, Guy.


  15. I’ll take your heat and swap you some morning frost. It was cold here this morning. We don’t usually get much of a temperature change this early in the year, so I hope that doesn’t mean a tough winter.

    Lots of fabulous books on your list. My mailbox was mostly kid’s books this time around. I’ll be adding them to a giveaway I’ll be running tomorrow. Hope you’ll visit at http://www.thebusymomsdaily.com/2014/09/mailbox-monday-september-15.html


  16. k2reader

    I loved Robyn Carr’s Virgin River. I read the whole series a few years back! Her new series, Thunder Point is really good, too!

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  17. I’m seeing This is Where I Leave You tomorrow! Hope we both love it 🙂 I am with you about the heat. Ugh so sick of it! I’ve heard great things about After I Do and hope to read it soon. And Fiona’s hair color is awesome!


    1. Oh, I’d love to send it to you, Nise…and as for my “treasure hunt,” I was surprised to find all the various cover images the publisher sent to me for some of my earlier novels, including the ones I picked. I am glad I selected the ones I did! But I kept the images, rather than tossing them.


  18. Brandie

    I hope you enjoy After I Do!! And I love Virgin River!! One of m favorite books ever.

    Ugh…I would be hating the heat, too. It’s feeling like fall here and I’m loving it. Wish I could share the weather with you!

    Have a great week!


  19. I don’t know if I could read A Question of Guilt–it looks a little too reminiscent of Psycho! I can read suspense/horror at home by myself at night and I’m fine–as long as I don’t have to take a shower. That’s when I get freaked out. Hitchcock left his mark! Enjoy your week!


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