Welcome to another Sunday Salon, our cozy reading room where we gather around with our coffee, tea, or other favorite beverage.

Mimosas, anyone?

I love reflecting about the week on a Sunday morning.  Especially if the day gets started in a lazy kind of way, like I love to do sometimes.

It’s been one of those weeks.  It started out kind of cold and rainy, which was perfect for curling up to read.

Visiting blogs is another pastime for those kinds of days.

Later in the week, however, it was almost spring-like outside, which made me want to go for long, leisurely walks.

I did some reflecting this week, in my Hump Day Potpourri:  Midweek Reflections.

Then I hopped over to one of my writer’s blogs to talk about Banishing the Bogeyman at My Forest Journey.

While I was searching out new books on Amazon, I discovered a new work from a favorite author.

Here are my books read/reviewed-click titles for reviews:

1.  First, Best and Only – Barbara Delinsky

2.   The Bungalow, by Sarah Jio

3.   Ship of Souls, by Zetta Elliott

4. Creative Spirit, by Scott Nicholson

While reading this one on Sparky, my Kindle, I had to keep looking at the book cover, which required bookmarking my page and then clicking on the menu for the cover.

The house on the cover feels like one of the characters:  creepy, a bit eery, and almost alive….

Check back later for my thoughts….


Now I’m off to do some more reading.  Next up: 

I am also going to be watching movies that have accumulated on my DVR.

What do you like to record for watching later?  I have regular shows I record, but I also like to scroll through my “favorites” channels for movies.

Right now I have Vertigo on my list…it’s been years since I saw it.

Happy Sunday!

19 thoughts on “TSS: STUFF ON SUNDAY — FEB. 19

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mason…glad you liked the reviews and my array of books….Yes, I was scrolling through the TV listings one night and saw Vertigo. Amazing!

      And I hadn’t realized, either, that the actress we see in the beginning of the movie played the matriarch on the TV show Dallas years ago (Barbara Bel Geddes)!


  1. Watched Vertigo last year as part of an an online group Hitchfest watching Hitchcock movies on Twitter. It was good, but Hitch has better.

    I saw Joyce Carol Oates is one of your favorite authors. Where would you recommend a newbie start?


    1. Thanks for stopping by, unfinished person. I recall watching Vertigo on TV back in the sixties…and only remembered that Kim Novak was in it. I hadn’t realized that Barbara Bel Geddes was also in the movie; she starred years later in the TV show Dallas, as the matriarch. I found that fascinating.

      As for JCO…many readers have such mixed feelings about her, and so do I. I have to be in the mood. But I really enjoyed We Were the Mulvaneys (which was later made into a movie); and Blonde, a fictionalized version of Marilyn Monroe (also a movie).



  3. I didn’t know JCO had a new book coming out. I really enjoy her writing, but she can sometimes be very bleak. THEM is near the top of my TBR pile… hope to get to it within the next couple of months. Have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Brolee…I did a contest on one of my blogs to help me name it…lol

      I thought: “Kindle” or “kindling” sparks a fire….therefore, Sparky.

      Gladys is an intriguing name. There must be a story there.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I wish when it rains I could stay at home and read. Everyday that it rains while I’m at work, I think how nice it would be to just read instead of work! 🙂

    My wife and I watched Vertigo a few months ago from Netflix and we liked it. My wife thought it was a bit slow, and we were, of course, shocked with the ending. Although, out of all the Hitchcock films we’ve seen, we really like North By Northwest the best!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday!


    1. Oh, I feel bad for mentioning how great it is to curl up and read when it’s raining! When I was doing the regular career thing, I also longed to be home reading.

      One of the Hitchcock movies that scared me the most was The Birds. Afterwards, I could never look at birds the same! lol

      Plus…I used to live in the Bay Area, so that little town was nearby….

      Thanks for stopping by, Jeremy.


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