Good morning!  Welcome to our virtual reading room, that place we’ve dubbed The Sunday Salon.  Here we share tidbits from our week, including blogging, reading, and life.

Last night, my grandson Noah was here for a sleepover again, and he LOVES those chocolate drumsticks, which his mother doesn’t buy (junk food, you know!), but Nana does, from time to time.


And here’s another view…still licking that drumstick, but never taking his eyes off the movie he’s watching.


He stayed up rather late, which is how it usually goes; he finally slept, so I did, too.

Now he’s up and ready for another day, after polishing off a blueberry muffin—one of his favorite things.

This past week, I blogged about some things on my mind:




ROW 80 – CHECK-IN – 2-20


I had a surprisingly good reading week, despite the annoying interruptions (see taxes above!), and the usual chores and errands.

Books Read and Reviewed – Click Title for Review:

1.  Ladybird, by Grace Livingston Hill (A blast from the past!)

2.  Married:  A Fine Predicament, by Anne Roiphe

3.  The Long Road Home, by Mary Alice Monroe

4.  My Passion for Design, by Barbra Streisand

What a week!  And now I’m ready for a new one.  My books are stacked nearby, I have my thoughts in order…so tune in for the Monday Memes tomorrow!

What was your week like?  Did you have a good time?  I hope you’ll share some tidbits….

24 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — FEB. 20

  1. Chocolate drumsticks? Never heard of such a thing, but it sure does look good.

    Me? Well, you know what I’m reading today since you already stopped by my blog…but as for the week, it was a pretty good week. Today I’m off to watch the Daytona 500 with some friends. Yee haw.


    1. Yes, unfinished person…you haven’t lived until you’ve had one. I can’t…the calorie count is more than I need in one day…LOL. But what they are is ice cream on a stick, covered in chocolate.

      Thanks for visiting.


  2. Mmm – I love Alice Monroe – great author! I love chocolate drumsticks too. We don’t call them that here, though. Ours are named according to the variety. My favourite is the Crunchie one with honeycomb-flavour ice-cream coated in real Cadbury chocolate incorporating a little popping candy…alll on a stick. Highly recommended, and not that many calories as these things go!


  3. Your grandson looks adorable. He’s in heaven. Made me want to go grab one of my grandsons.:) You really got a lot of reading in this week. The author Roiphe is familiar to me. Don’t know why. Might have read a book of hers in another life. I adore any book written by Mary Alice Monroe.

    Did you know about freely downloading WADING HOME BY ROSALYN STORY? Well, you can during the month of February only. Enjoyed your Sunday Salon. You would make a good neighbor. Come live next door to me. Not that easy, right?


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tea…see, it’s kind of like living next door, visiting blogs, chatting….

      The first book I read by Anne Roiphe was Up the Sandbox…that’s a blast from the past. Did you read that one?

      No, I didn’t know about the free download. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks….

      Have a great weekend.


  4. It’s in the job description for being Grandma, to spoil the grandkids! At least mine did! 🙂 I agree with others, would rather read than do taxes. I finished ours up last night. They aren’t fun, but a necessary evil, unfortunately.

    I’m still reading Capital, as you saw when you visited my blog. 🙂 We managed to get a few things accomplished this week. Fortunately tomorrow is a holiday, and it’s supposed to be nice, so I should be able to get in a good training run for my race.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier today!


    1. Yes, I think I read it on a T-Shirt: “what happens at Grandma’s house stays at Grandma’s house.”

      Oh, tax time is definitely my least favorite time of the year.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jeremy, and enjoy the holiday.


  5. LOL – I think one of the funnest things about being a grandma is letting the grandkids do things I never would have let my own kids do…or at least the first three of my kids. The fourth child got the tired yet more relaxed mom. 🙂


    1. Oh, absolutely, Mardel! Yes, my youngest was the most “spoiled” of them all. She got the relaxed version of me, plus she was my only daughter after three boys.

      I felt guilty about spoiling her a bit, but not about spoiling the grandkids.


  6. Looks like your grandson had a great time! My week was pretty good – cold and wet but had a great book club meeting, got some thesis written and the sister in law brought me some chocolate back from NZ (home). all in all, a success. Thanks for coming by my blog 🙂


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