In her series of essays, My Life, My Body, Marge Piercy delves into issues that are familiar to me, from reading her various fictional pieces.

She is also a poet, but I gravitate more to her novels. Like the protagonists in those various novels, Piercy writes about social issues like homelessness, living off the grid, feminism, gentrification, and aging.

Women’s issues predominate in her fictional work, as well as in this book. These issues resonate with me, and keep me buying her various books.

The first novel I read by this author was Small Changes, and I shared my thoughts about it in a book club I had joined. The book had a profound effect on my life. “Set against the early days of the modern feminist movement, SMALL CHANGES tells the story of sensual Miriam Berg, who trades her doctorate for marriage and security, but still hungers for a life of her own and shy, frightened Beth who is running from the life Miriam seeks and into a new world of different ideas and a different kind of love…..”

The ideas and philosophies that I have discovered in her fiction are touched on in this collection of essays, so this book will also join the novels on my bookshelves. Books I will keep even when I’m purging my shelves. Marge Piercy is a writer who seems to “speak to me.” 5 stars.