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And Happy Labor Day to those who celebrate it!  For those who are going on the road, have safe, happy trips!

I plan to spend the weekend reading and watching movies/DVDs/Netflix.  Here’s one on my list:  Fading Gigolo.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Woody Allen in a movie that wasn’t directed and produced by him!







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Review:  Falling Into Place, by Amy Zhang

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INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

One lone book arrived in my mailbox…BUT I downloaded FIVE e-books to feed Sparky!


A Wedding and a Killing, by Lauren Carr (From the Author)


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The Next Time You See Me (e-book), by Holly Goddard Jones






A Long Time Gone (e-book), by Karen White





In the Woods (e-book), by Tana French






The Murderer’s Daughters (e-book), by Randy Susan Meyers





Silver Bay (e-book), by JoJo Moyes







WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


An Italian Wife, by Ann Hood (Amazon Vine Review)







The Home Place, by Carrie La Seur (Amazon Vine Review)






This Is Where I Leave You (e-book), by Jonathan Tropper (Movie coming soon!)






The Good Girl (e-book), by Mary Kubica









And, like the book listed above, THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU…but we will be connecting throughout the week.  Enjoy the holiday, if you are celebrating it!







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Another week has sped by.  School has started for the grandkids…and the temperature is going down just a tad.  I can sense that autumn is near at hand!  My favorite time of the year.


Here’s My Week on the Blogs:

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Review:  Is This Tomorrow (e-book), by Caroline Leavitt

Review:  Blue Plate Special, by Kate Christensen (Amazon Vine Review)

Review:  The Great Gatsby (e-book), by F. Scott Fitzgerald


Accused, by Lisa Scottoline (Amazon Vine)


Mary Dinuzio has just been promoted to partner and is about to take on her most unusual case yet, brought to the firm by a thirteen-year-old genius with a penchant for beekeeping.  Allegra Gardner’s sister Fiona was murdered six years ago, and it seemed like an open-and-shut case: the accused, Lonnie Stall, was seen fleeing the scene; his blood was on Fiona and her blood was on him; most damningly, Lonnie Stall pleaded guilty.  But Allegra believes Lonnie is innocent and has been wrongly imprisoned. The Gardner family is one of the most powerful in the country and Allegra’s parents don’t believe in reopening the case, so taking it on is risky.  But the Rosato & Associates firm can never resist an underdog.  Was justice really served all those years ago?  It will take a team of unstoppable female lawyers, plus one thirteen-year-old genius, to find out.

The Supreme Macaroni Company: A Novel (Valentine Trilogy), by Adriana Trigiani (Amazon Vine)

larger image

In The Shoemaker’s Wife Adriana Trigiani swept her readers across generations of an Italian family, from the Italian Alps at the turn of the twentieth century to the cobblestone streets of Little Italy. In The Supreme Macaroni Company, she weaves a heartbreaking story that begins on the eve of a wedding in New York’s Greenwich Village, travels to New Orleans, and culminates in Tuscany. Family, work, romance, and the unexpected twists of life and fate all come together in an unforgettable narrative that Adriana Trigiani’s many fans will adore.

Good Girl, Bad Girl, by Christopher Finch (Amazon Vine)


In May of 1968, New York City is broke and on the skids, and private eye Alex Novalis is hard up for gigs. So when he’s offered a case from wealthy construction mogul Gabriel Kravitz, he can’t refuse.

Kravitz’s eighteen-year-old daughter Lydia has gone missing. Though she’s presumed to be with Jerry Pedrosian, the radical middle-aged artist and known womanizer she’d been sleeping with, there are few clues. Information is hard to come by; everyone seems to be hiding something. And then there’s Andrea Marshall, Lydia’s miniskirted and vinyl-booted best friend, who Novalis is deeply distrustful of…and unfortunately attracted to.

But as Novalis traverses the city, tracking Lydia from scummy artists’ lofts in pre-gentrified SoHo to luxury penthouses overlooking Central Park, he’ll face threats deadlier than any he signed on for.

Smart and sophisticated, Good Girl, Bad Girl provides a rare, fascinating snapshot of late 1960s New York City—a glimpse into the forbidden sex, politics, art, drugs, and counterculture violence that ran rampant in its once gloriously gritty streets.


Another week to look forward to!  Come on by and share some thoughts….



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We’ve said goodbye to July this past week…and now we’re looking ahead to August and the final weeks of summer.

Here’s what’s been happening around my place(s) in the blogosphere.


Serendipitous Tuesdays:  Intros/Teasers – Necessary Lies

Author Interview with Shalanna Collins

Monthly Wrap-up:  Goodbye to July

Thursday Sparks:  First Person or Third Person Voice

Go out on a Limb on Friday with Book Beginnings/The Friday 56

Sweet Saturday Sample:  Second Thoughts?

READING/REVIEWING: (Click Titles for Reviews)

Someone Else’s Love Story, by Joshilyn Jackson

Daddy’s Gone A Hunting (e-book), by Mary Higgins Clark

The Wednesday Daughters (e-book), by Meg Waite Clayton

The First Lie (e-book), by Diane Chamberlain (Prequel)


Amy Falls Down, by Jincy Willett (Amazon Vine Review)


Amy Gallup is an aging novelist and writing instructor living in Escondido, California, with her dog, Alphonse. Since recent unsettling events, she has made some progress. While she still has writer’s block, she doesn’t suffer from it. She’s still a hermit, but she has allowed some of her class members into her life. She is no longer numb, angry, and sardonic: she is merely numb and bemused, which is as close to happy as she plans to get. Amy is calm.

So, when on New Year’s morning she shuffles out to her backyard garden to plant a Norfolk pine, she is wholly unprepared for what happens next.

Amy falls down.

A simple accident, as a result of which something happens, and then something else, and then a number of different things, all as unpredictable as an eight-ball break. At first the changes are small, but as these small events carom off one another, Amy’s life changes in ways that range from ridiculous to frightening to profound.

This most reluctant of adventurers is dragged and propelled by train, plane, and automobile through an outlandish series of antic media events on her way to becoming–to her horror–a kind of celebrity. And along the way, as the numbness begins to wear off, she comes up against something she has avoided all her life: her future, that “sleeping monster, not to be poked.”

Jincy Willett’s Amy Falls Down explores, through the experience of one character, the role that accident plays in all our lives. “You turn a corner and beasts break into arias, gunfire erupts, waking a hundred families, starting a hundred different conversations. You crack your head open and three thousand miles away a stranger with Asperger’s jump-starts your career.”

We are all like Amy. We are all wholly unprepared for what happens next.

Also, there’s a basset hound.

Innocent, by Scott Turow (Purchased)   (Sequel to Presumed Innocent)


The sequel to the genre-defining, landmark bestseller Presumed Innocent, INNOCENT continues the story of Rusty Sabich and Tommy Molto who are, once again, twenty years later, pitted against each other in a riveting psychological match after the mysterious death of Rusty’s wife.


The mailbox was very quiet…which is probably a good thing after the bonanza of books I received last week.  Now I just have to settle down and get some reading done!



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Good morning!  Today’s post will link up to Sunday Salon, The Sunday Post, and Mailbox Monday!

This past week has been a continuation of blogging, reading, and a little more book purging.  And I took special delight in my early morning online viewing of All My Children and One Life to Live via my TV/laptop hook-up, shown here:


And I also spent time on the patio with my laptop.


Here is what I accomplished:


Tuesday Potpourri:  Intros/Teasers-Secrets from the Past

Hump Day Potpourri:  Reading, TV, & Cool Breezes

Going out on a Limb with Upcoming Releases:  W is for Wasted

A Journey Through Book Beginnings & the Friday 56:  The Red Garden

Sweet Saturday Sample:  A Single Dad Ponders His Life (An Excerpt)

Reading:  Click Titles for Reviews:  THIS WEEK, I FINISHED MY 100TH BOOK OF THE YEAR!  YAY!!

Innocent Little Crimes, by C. S. Lakin (Review Book)

Secrets from the Past, by Barbara Taylor Bradford

The Red Garden, by Alice Hoffman (From Mt. TBR)

Looking for Me, by Beth Hoffman

Incoming Books:

None of my new books came via the “mailbox,” but I downloaded three new books for Sparky:  two purchases and one freebie.

The Age of Innocence (e-book), by Edith Wharton (freebie!)


Wharton observes that clever liars always come up with good stories to back up their fabrications, but that really clever liars don’t bother to explain anything at all. This is the kind of insight that makes The Age of Innocence so indispensable. Wharton’s story of the upper classes of Old New York, and Newland Archer’s impossible love for the disgraced Countess Olenska, is a perfectly wrought book about an era when upper-class culture in this country was still a mixture of American and European extracts, and when “society” had rules as rigid as any in history.

Daddy’s Gone A Hunting (e-book), by Mary Higgins Clark


In her latest novel, Daddy’s Gone A Hunting, Mary Higgins Clark, the beloved “Queen of Suspense,” exposes a dark secret from a family’s past that threatens the lives of sisters Kate and Hannah Connelly when the family-owned furniture firm explodes into flames in the middle of the night, leveling the buildings to the ground, including a museum where priceless antiques have been on permanent display for years.

The ashes reveal a startling and grisly discovery and provoke a host of suspicions and questions. Was the explosion deliberately set? What was Kate—a CPA for one of the biggest accounting firms in the country—doing in the museum when it burst into flames? Why was Gus, a retired and disgruntled craftsman, with her at that time of night? What if someone isn’t who he claims to be?

Now Gus is dead, and Kate lies in the hospital in a coma, so neither can tell what drew them there or what the tragedy may have to do with the hunt for a young woman missing for many years. Nor can they warn that somebody may be covering his tracks, willing to kill to save himself.

In a novel of dazzling suspense and excitement, Mary Higgins Clark once again demonstrates the mastery of her craft that has made her books international bestsellers for years. She presents the reader with a perplexing mystery, a puzzling question of identity, and a fascinating cast of characters—one of whom may just be a ruthless killer…

Always Watching (e-book), by Chevy Stevens


She helps people put their demons to rest.

But she has a few of her own…

In the lockdown ward of a psychiatric hospital, Dr. Nadine Lavoie is in her element. She has the tools to help people, and she has the desire—healing broken families is what she lives for. But Nadine doesn’t want to look too closely at her own past because there are whole chunks of her life that are black holes. It takes all her willpower to tamp down her recurrent claustrophobia, and her daughter, Lisa, is a runaway who has been on the streets for seven years.

When a distraught woman, Heather Simeon, is brought into the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit after a suicide attempt, Nadine gently coaxes her story out of her—and learns of some troubling parallels with her own life. Digging deeper, Nadine is forced to confront her traumatic childhood, and the damage that began when she and her brother were brought by their mother to a remote commune on Vancouver Island.  What happened to Nadine?  Why was their family destroyed? And why does the name Aaron Quinn, the group’s leader, bring complex feelings of terror to Nadine even today?

And then, the unthinkable happens, and Nadine realizes that danger is closer to home than she ever imagined. She has no choice but to face what terrifies her the most…and fight back.

Sometimes you can leave the past, but you can never escape.


Looking back, I think it was a great week!  And today I’m reading:

A Widow’s Story, by Joyce Carol Oates (From my TBR Mountain)

widow's story

What did your week look like?  What’s coming up next?

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