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Today I’m participating in Sam’s WWW Wednesdays Here’s how it works:


The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next, and/or what are you eagerly awaiting?


Currently Reading:

My reading has been a bit haphazard this week, between watching Netflix and the shows on my DVR (because of last week’s vacation, I’m behind).  But I’m loving Blood Defense, by Marcia Clark, the first in a new series about a defense attorney, Samantha Brinkman, who is representing a cop accused of murder.  The unexpected events that unfold are keeping her on her toes.






Just Finished:

Even though I was away last week, I managed to read and review two books.  My last one was The Girl You Lost, by Kathryn Croft. (Click title for my review).





An intense and engaging story, I was totally immersed in it as I read.


What I’m Eagerly Anticipating:

I saw this book on another blog, and since I’ve read the author, I had to bookmark it on Amazon.  The Lullaby Sky, by Carolyn Brown, a story about second chances, and freedom from the abuse of the past.





After seven years of misery and abuse, it’s all over—Hannah O’Malley is officially divorced. Hallelujah. It’s like every Christmas in her life all rolled up into one glorious day. Not only does Hannah get to keep her grandmother’s spacious old house, but she has full custody of her sparky five-year-old daughter. All Hannah has to do now is put the past behind her.

And now that she’s free, she wants to make a difference. With the help of her warm, close-knit circle of friends—including her high school crush, Travis Wilson—Hannah begins turning her home into a safe house for other women who’ve endured the pain she’s known. But even as life and laughter return to Hannah’s home, she’s haunted by the memory of her dangerously unstable ex. With a second chance at love on the horizon, Hannah must face down her past in order to let the sunshine back into her life.


What are you reading and waiting for this week?  Join in and let’s chat.