They likened their love to a supernova—shining brighter than anything else in the sky and then fading out really quickly. A short burst of extraordinary energy.

Ben Ross and Elsie Porter met in early January, on an ordinary rainy evening in the neighborhood pizza place. They had both ordered pizza to take out…and were waiting.

They started a conversation. The chemistry between them was electric, and before long, they had exchanged phone numbers. He called her the next day.

Like magic, they became inseparable almost immediately, and soon fell in love. They were married in early June, but nine days later, when Ben went out on an errand, he was struck by a truck and killed.

From there, Forever, Interrupted takes a turn, revealing in back and forth thrusts, their life, before and after it was interrupted so viciously. The story is narrated in Elsie’s first person voice, and we can feel what she is feeling as she struggles with the present while remembering the short past they had.

She has to deal with a number of obstacles, like not having a marriage certificate yet and having to contend with Susan, Ben’s mother, who is the legal next of kin.

Set in LA, Elsie’s life was a good one before Ben, but once they met, she couldn’t imagine any kind of life without him. Her best friend Ana is supportive and loving, but soon, and surprisingly, Susan reaches out to Elsie, apologizing for her behavior when they first met…and the two begin to forge a family relationship.

What happened to Elsie’s marriage certificate? Why was Ben so reluctant to tell his mother about their relationship? How will Susan and Elsie finally find a way to move on?

I loved this book, as I have loved the others I’ve read by this author. I felt so enveloped in the lives of the characters who are like real people, with all the flaws and fears of ordinary life interrupted by the loss of a loved one. This one was a 5 star read for me.