For those who were stunned by the 2016 election, Bad Stories is the author’s attempt to make sense of those events. Many did not expect this outcome, or see it coming. It all seemed like a sick joke.

How did we end up with a president so morally bankrupt? How can we rest while the country is in his hands?

The stories we told ourselves, some of them delusional, could not have prepared us for any of it. But stories we tell ourselves are often how we cope with events.

I could not sit down and read this book all at once, but had to digest it in small doses. Like other books we’ve seen and read that tell us about these moments in our history, this book will definitely be one to ponder and read again and again. 4.5 stars.








Abby believes that she is on the verge of her happily-ever-after, and as she tries on Vera Wang wedding dresses while her best friend Grace sips the complimentary champagne, she wonders if it can get any better than this.

But suddenly Grace shrieks and shows Abby her phone, where she discovers that her fiancé Ben has just dumped her…on Facebook!

Over the next few weeks, and after begging and pleading with Ben, Abby sinks to a low point by huddling in her apartment, eating ice cream and wallowing.

So Grace’s idea to spend the summer in Newport doesn’t sound like a good one…Why would she want to leave her home and her comforts? But she finally agrees. Moving on at the beach might just be a fine idea.

On the Rocks: A Novel was a fairly predictable beach read, but the funny dialogue and the modern day dilemmas made the story a refreshing way to spend some time. I liked the friendship between Abby and Grace, even when they had a huge fight near the end. There were also some funny scenes between Abby and some of her dates that made me laugh out loud, reminding me that the singles scene can be a great learning opportunity.

I also enjoyed seeing a friendship develop between Abby and Bobby, an unemployed lawyer hanging out for the summer. Making the two of them a couple right away would have been too easy. The potential lies there beneath the friendship, and I appreciated the hint of more to come. Recommended for those who enjoy chick-lit, but also want a little depth. 4.0.