Ole!  Welcome to our Fall Bloggiesta, the event that allows us to tweak our blogs…and visit others doing the same.

Because I have ELEVEN blogs, my challenge is always about which blog to spotlight.  Which one needs the most work.  In the end, I usually start on one, and do a few things on others.

Here is a list of things to do here:

1.  Clean up sidebars (now why do they always seem to need it, no matter how diligent I am about maintenance?);done!

And added Bloglovin’ Button.

2.   Revise pages, deleting those that are no longer relevant and adding one or two others; Done!

Deleted Giveaway Page; added Contact Me Page, Excerpts Page, and revised About Me page.

3.   Visit other Bloggiesta participants;done!

4.   Consider changing the theme and header of my blog;Done!

5.   Check out mini-challenges and complete tasks. Read through several & commented.

As we go, I may add things to the list.  This is a starting point for me.  What does yours look like?  When you stop by, please leave a link to your list.  Thanks, and happy margarita time!