It was a lovely June in Vermont when Jake and Tess visited their friends, Devin and Effie. But Tess was feeling anything but peaceful or content, having just made a discovery about her husband. Flirtatious text messages on his phone from a woman.

She was also still lost and sad from her experiences in Guatemala a few years back, a time that would seriously puncture the hope she once felt: in herself and in her marriage.

That night in Vermont, she drank too much and went to the store for more wine. Which is why, perhaps, that what happened next would turn her into what some saw as an unreliable reporter. Someone who found a little girl in the road, who then ran away. A little girl the police and searchers could not find, even after a day or two. Someone the lead detective would publicly label a liar and false reporter.

Where I Lost Her was a story that gripped me from the beginning, keeping me glued to the pages, hoping against hope for some kind of satisfactory resolution.

Alternate narratives swept back and forth, revealing the events in Guatemala and lending a reality to Tess’s feelings about her experiences, both then and in the present. Would the missing girl be found? Did she even exist? And what could Tess do to regain some kind of credibility in the community, a place where she grew up?

I felt a connection to Tess right away, and disliked her husband. The two of them seemed on completely different wavelengths, which can make for feelings of loneliness and isolation. For both of them.

The setting sounded beautiful, but with darkness around every corner, and as the truth about events finally came to light, I once again felt a sense of contentment for the characters. 5 stars.

***A copy of the e-ARC was received from the publisher via NetGalley.