Today I am anxious and hopeful…and waiting for final results.  As I think about what lies ahead, I am reminded of four years ago and what happened then.  Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote back then, on November 17, 2016:


  • This past week has been very emotional.  Ups and downs, fear and anger.  Disbelief.  It has been like a nightmare, only I can’t wake up!
  • The good thing that came out of it:  I read and reviewed FIVE books!  In my Weekly Updates, I talk about my hope of finding serenity, and I link to my reviews.
  • After that burst of reading energy, I’ve been stumbling along this week.  I finished reading and reviewing only ONE book…and I started a couple of others.  Send in the Clowns, excerpted above, is moving along nicely.
  • My daughter and her fiance impulsively decided to have a civil ceremony here in town, but she planned to keep quiet about it…since there is still an April 1 wedding at the beach on the schedule…but then she announced their nuptials on Facebook a couple of days ago…that secret didn’t last long.  (Note the “hokey” backdrop provided by the County).




  • The beach wedding will be a fun getaway for all of us, I guess.   Since this is her second marriage, I thought they night cancel the beach.  We’ll see.
  • Next week is Thanksgiving, and it’s my favorite holiday!  I’m having dinner at the home of my daughter’s new in-laws.
  • The Saturday after Thanksgiving, a few of us are gathering for a lunch at Yard House; my son Brett and his daughter Aubrey, as well as local family, will be meeting there.  I always enjoy these events.




  • Today I plan to just hang out here and read…it’s cooling off quite a bit, and it seems appropriate to curl up in this cozy spot.  Especially since my mood is still all over the place.


My life has changed dramatically since then, but the feelings are similar. I am more hopeful now, however.

After that election, I read the book Hillbilly Elegy, by J. D. Vance, one that resonated. Serendipitously, there will soon be an Amazon Prime movie based on the book.

I read the book to understand what happened in 2016…but now I want to move on. I am so done with the last four years!


What are you pondering today as we face still more crazy election results?




The last thing Rudy expected was to wake up one Saturday morning, a widow at fifty-four years old. Now, ten months after the untimely death of his beloved wife, he’s still not sure how to move on from the defining tragedy of his life—but his new job is helping. After being downsized from his finance position, Rudy turned to his first love: the piano. Some people might be embarrassed to work as the piano player at Nordstrom, but for Rudy, there’s joy in bringing a little music into the world. And it doesn’t hurt that Sasha, the Hungarian men’s watch clerk who is finally divorcing her no-good husband, finds time to join him at the bench every now and then.

Just when Rudy and Sasha’s relationship begins to deepen, the police come to the store with an update about Rudy’s wife’s untimely death—a coworker has confessed to her murder—but Rudy’s actions are suspicious enough to warrant a second look at him, too. With Sasha’s husband suddenly reappearing, and Rudy’s daughter confronting her own marital problems, suddenly life becomes more complicated than Rudy and Sasha could have imagined.


My Thoughts: Throughout Me for You, the characters tell the story of a fifty-something couple, Rudy and Bethany, ready to enjoy their golden years, when the wife dies in her sleep.

Rudy struggles throughout this engaging story that reminds the reader to savor the moments.

Rudy’s daughter CeCe is annoying, but persistent in her attempts to help him. She even creates a dating profile for him, despite his objections, since he is involved in a unique friendship with Sasha. CeCe thinks he is moving too fast. However, there is something about Sasha that gives Rudy the joy he has been missing.

I always appreciate a story with characters that feel real, even those who presume to know what is best for others. Especially when they are the adult children. Could these characters remind me of people in my own life? Good characters are those that could be people we might know, so I couldn’t help enjoying the scenes playing out with these characters.

As the story moves back and forth in time, I am caught up in everything about them. Even the mysterious news brought to Rudy by the police detective.

How will Rudy find his new path, and what must happen first before he can finally move on? As the story took us through the changes in the characters’ lives, I was eager to join them on their journey. 4 stars.***My e-ARC came from the publisher via NetGalley.