Good morning!  Welcome to the last Sunday Salon of May.

With spring fully upon us and summer coming fast, what intriguing things do you have planned?

I know several people are headed to BEA in New York, but sadly, I’m not one of them.  I hope they’ll be having the Armchair BEA events around the blogosphere.

Anyone know what’s planned on that front?

I missed last week’s Sunday Salon….I had a killer abscessed tooth that pretty much kept me curled up in a ball until the antibiotics and pain pills kicked in.  I’ll be having oral surgery this week, but the pain is now manageable.  So I did more reading than the week before, but not as much blogging, other than a few memes.

My Friday Potpourri:  Tidbits from the Edge explored some thoughts and ramblings about life here; and in my Sweet Saturday Sample, I excerpted from Interior Designs (one of my WIPs).

Currently Reading:

I’ve made some progress with 11/22/63, by Stephen King, which I’ve been reading at nights mostly; I’m now on p. 633 (of 849).  I might finish it at last!


The Witness, by Nora Roberts (Awesome!)

Another Piece of My Heart (e-book), by Jane Green

Objects of My Affection, by Jill Smolinski


Do you ever have the kind of reading week where the books all engage you fully?  Every one of them?  That’s what this week was like for me.  And each of these titles was different enough that I never felt as if I were reading the same story over and over.

And as for the Stephen King book….that one has so many intriguing twists and turns that I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

I’ll be reading that one some more today….What are your plans?

Oh…and in case I need a break from the book, I have a DVD of One for the Money sitting on a stack!

I saw this one TWICE at the theater, and now I want to watch it again….Happy Sunday!


Good morning, Sunday Saloners!  And for all the mothers out there:  Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m posting this early, as I plan to have brunch with my daughter and grandson this morning.

My grandson is sleeping over, so I’m going back to bed after I write this.

I started my celebrating yesterday by spending time with my youngest son and his wife…also including grandson Noah.

Here’s where I plan to have brunch later….


In the afternoon, I hope to see Dark Shadows.


I loved the show in the 1960s…and this Tim Burton rendition with Johnny Depp is sure to be a winner in my book.

Speaking of books....Let’s talk a bit about the blogging/reading week.  Not nearly as prolific as in previous weeks (either in reading or blogging), I did participate in the usual memes; then I wrote an excerpt about mothers and daughters at Snow Chronicles:  Special Moments-An Excerpt.

My Thursday Potpourri:  Tidbits, was a little about this and that.

I only finished TWO books this week!

1.  The World Without You, by Joshua Henkin – a four-star read for me!

2.  The Tender Bar (A Memoir), by J. R. Moehringer (Five stars!)

Last night, I started reading The Good Father, by Diane Chamberlain…and I might catch some reading of it later today.

What does your day look like?  I hope you’ll come on by and share some thoughts….