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What a week I had!  I drove way north, where I found beaches and forests, and had a great time with my son and DIL.  My granddaughter tagged along and did some of the driving, although a teenager at the wheel is not relaxing.  LOL.

Not much blogging (only one post), which I wrote after I got back from my trip:  Out of My Interior World:  Family Time & Beach Time. 

We were gone from Monday through Thursday, with Monday and Thursday as driving days. (From 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Monday!).  But Tuesday and Wednesday were great days of exploring the sights, from beaches to forests.  The beach below had black sand…and I loved those footsteps marching along.  And someone created other marks in the sand.



August 2016 - footsteps in the black sand

Coming home is always good, though, but I think my laptop must have missed me, since it seems to be acting up today!  Or I’m out of practice on the bigger keys, having used my iPhone to comment on posts.

My coffee pot has protested my absence, too!  It would not deliver even one cup for me today, so I’ll be off to Target to get another one.  Coffee Pot Number 101?

I somehow managed to read two books while I was gone, and reviewed them yesterday:


Review:  The Melody Lingers On (e-book), by Mary Higgins Clark

Review:  The Girl You Lost (e-book), by Kathryn Croft



INCOMING BOOKS: (Covers/Titles Linked to Amazon)

I haven’t even checked my mailbox, as yesterday was all about settling back into my home, watching shows on my DVR, etc.  (My mail comes to a P.O. box, so I have to drive to check it!).

I did download these books, though:


The Things We Wish Were True (e-book), by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen (Kindle Prime Free Book)








Siracusa (e-book), by Delia Ephron








It Ends with Us (e-book), by Colleen Hoover







WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


Currently Reading:  Blood Defense (e-book), by Marcia Clark







The Couple Next Door (e-book), by Shari Lapena (NetGalley – 8/23)






And then my mood will select more from my trusty Pippa….or even one of the print books on my stack!





What did your week look like?  I hope you had a great time!  While I was in Crescent City, I had this dinner one night.  (I had to take most of it home to the fridge, though!).



dinner on August 3



cover resized




A story with themes about journeys beginning and ending, the patterns of flight innumerable, the destination always being home, Flight Patterns takes us along for the ride. We find out more than we ever hoped to know about bees, we learn about loss and those who choose to stay apart rather than to forgive. And finally, we learn about how healing can begin.

Georgia Chambers, living her life in New Orleans, has stayed away from the family home in Apalachicola, Florida, ever since something happened between her and her sister Maisy Sawyers ten years before. Between the two of them, they are keeping the secrets and hanging onto the pain.

Meanwhile, their mother Birdie has not spoken a word for all that time, and the past is suddenly churning up, threatening to explode, right when Georgia returns to Apalachicola with a client in tow. James Graf is hoping to find out about a unique china pattern that belonged to his mother, a Limoges pattern with a unique design of bees circling it. And Georgia happens to be an expert in antiques. She also recalls seeing a soup cup in her own family home, one that might be part of the set.

What will Georgia discover in her quest for the china’s history? How will it take her to a family secret in France, one that might just have something to do with Birdie’s silence? How will a stolen truck only recently recovered help them all sort out the puzzle? And what will finally bring Georgia together with her sister Maisy, her niece Becky, and start the forgiveness process?

What a great story! I must admit that Georgia was my favorite character, with Becky my second favorite. I never warmed up to Maisy, really disliking her tendency to blame everyone else and not acknowledge her own faults. But in the end, she started to grow on me. James was delightful, and I kept rooting for him and his own healing. 5 stars.