I love changing up my blog headers!  When I added one of my newest dolls, Poppy, far right, to an older doll on the left, (Lizzy),  I tried another banner version first.  Then I settled on this one, as both dolls are now spotlighting books and other favorite things.

Poppy is sitting atop the entry way table with unread print volumes underneath and a Mary Engelbreit cottage next to her.

Lizzy is perched in front of copies of Nancy Drew and Anne of Green Gables books…and Disney figurines.

Sadly, Lizzy is no longer with me, as she was sold or given away when I moved.  It wasn’t my idea…but I am glad to have numerous photos of her. I have been looking for her online, but no luck so far.

Do you sometimes long for old sentimental objects that you no longer have in your home?


Here is one of my other versions of Poppy with things I enjoy.  She sits next to my Jelly Cupboard in the entry way with the beloved Engelbreit banner proclaiming my love of chocolate…and the little note about Nana:  “When All Else Fails, Ask Nana.”


How is your Friday so far? I think I’ll start preparing for the day…and read a little more of my book, The Smash-Up, by Ali Benjamin.



Lately I have been revisiting photos of some of my favorite vignettes, like the display of dolls and trinkets atop the bookshelf above.  I even added that photo to my one of my new headers. 

The setting was my bedroom in my previous residence, a condo that I fondly remember.  The hippie dolls have been with me for many years, and in later times, I added the Red Hat figurines and wall hanging.  I love the colors that brightened up my space.

I brought the hippie dolls here…and the bookshelf (below), which is filled with books I added to replace the ones lost in the move, as well as a handful that I did manage to keep.

The hippie dolls are relaxing atop my file cabinet (below), after an unsuccessful resting place on my dresser, where one of them fell!


Another favorite from the past is an old country cupboard that lived in my previous dining room.  Most of the goodies inside did not make it here.  But, my daughter has promised to bring the colorful mugs you can see on the shelves, below: (She is keeping the bowls and plates).

And here the mugs are on her counter, waiting to come to me!


Do you have old favorites that you remember through your photos?