Waverly Bryson is a single, thirty-something woman living in San Francisco and trying to find her niche. She has her own dating column “Honey on Your Mind” and products she has developed called “Honey Notes.” She also has some trust issues after being dumped just before her wedding by her fiancé.

Almost immediately, I felt like I was a part of the friendship circle Waverly shares with friends Andie and McKenna, and I absolutely loved how the author brought San Francisco and its neighborhoods alive for me.

Waverly’s humor, her ability to see the unique perspectives in life, and the creativity that allowed her to move around the obstacles in her path kept me reading eagerly.

Her fledgling relationship with Jake was also fascinating, and I loved how, in spite of her issues, she just kept trying.

What does Waverly finally create when she is looking for something more in her career? How does she ultimately come to a place of trust with Jake? And how does a kindly neighbor named Red help Waverly sort out the puzzles in her life?

Wonderfully colorful, descriptive, and alive, It’s a Waverly Life was fun, perceptive, and totally today. Five stars.