Welcome to another bookish Thursday, with Booking Through Thursday, where we chat about our reading, blogging, etc.

Today’s prompt:

What’s your favorite place to read? Do you have more than one? Can you read anywhere, or do you need things to be “just right?”

Bonus points for sharing a photo of your favorite spot. (grin)


Yes, I must admit that I do have a favorite place to read.  I have “arranged” several such spots around the home, but the first choice for me is usually this long sofa that is so comfy…and has lots of pillows.

And another favorite place, usually if I’m reading and eating:


But because I might have grandchildren using the living room sofas, I have another favorite:  my office has a pretty comfy couch, too.

And at the end of the day, here’s another favorite spot:


Even when I’ve found the perfect spot, I have to have a place for my favorite drinks nearby.  And there have to be comfy pillows!


What about the rest of you?  Do you love to curl up in one particular spot?