Good morning, and welcome to my Serendipitous Saturday Snapshot post.  Meet the other participants over at West Metro Mommy Reads.

As some of you know, I’ve been doing a lot of purging lately.  Books, mostly…and this week, I also cleared out some old VHS tapes from a shelf in my office and rearranged the ones I wanted to keep—you know, the ones I can’t find a DVD for—and here’s what that shelf looks like now.  The books that were on the bottom shelf are now in the library collection box in the garage.  And now the tapes live there.





An old wicker shelf that held those tapes…now, also gone, to find a new use elsewhere, below; tucked between a couple of cabinets, it holds overflow books (mainly a few chunksters) and odds and ends:








I even took away more of the books on the filing cabinet in my book nook, below right; there is now only one row of books there, and they are my signed copies of books; everything else…to the library box:





My new print book mountain is also smaller, as I slowly read them…and stop buying so many.  Yes, I still download to Sparky, but those books don’t take up the same kind of space.





Over in the adjacent village where my daughter took over my youngest son’s house, she has done a different kind of purging.  The garage and yard needed clearing, and here’s what she accomplished, with the help of a friend; chopping up and discarding an old hot tub:



A Back Yard Purge - 1


A Back Yard Purge - 2


And finally, to the curb; the city periodically collects whatever residents put out there:



A Back Yard Purge - to the curb


Meanwhile, in the extreme north part of our state, my son and his wife have “escaped” to a different kind of life here:



Chris & Kerrie's 1


With this luxurious yard surrounding them:



Chris & Kerrie's front yard



We all make different choices, and sometimes the things we purge or discard tell us a little about what we value, while what remains could be something simpler…or, at least, tidier.


What are you spotlighting today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.