18505788When Kitty Logan, a journalist, makes a huge mistake in a TV story, the repercussions are numerous. In fact, they are creating ongoing havoc in her life, beginning with a huge lawsuit, the loss of her position on the TV show, and possibly the loss of her job at the magazine Etcetera, created by her mentor Constance.

To add to the pain, her mentor Constance dies. But beforehand, she points Kitty in the direction of a story she wishes she had told. She refers her to a list of names in her files, but has no other instructions for her. Before Kitty can come back with the list for more information, Constance is gone.

One Hundred Names: A Novel is a story about the truths that lie in the stories behind a random set of ordinary people, each of whom has something extraordinary to share. By putting together the story, Kitty hopes to reclaim her career and redeem herself.

Where does Kitty’s journey lead her? What life lessons does she glean from the stories of others? And how does her persistence lead to a magical outpouring of love and comfort from her story subjects that will also encompass her with the same feelings?

Set in Ireland, taking the reader from Dublin to Cork, the story carried me along, intrigued by Kitty’s process of reclaiming her life. Recommended for those who are fans of the author, and for others who love a feel-good story about the magical moments available in everyday life. 4.5 stars.




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Welcome to another Tuesday celebrating bookish events, from Tuesday/First Chapter/Intros, hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea; and Teaser Tuesdays hosted by Should Be Reading.

Today’s featured book is an ARC from Amazon Vine:  One Hundred Names, by Cecelia Ahern.




Intro:  Chapter One

She was nicknamed The Graveyard.  Any secret, any piece of confidential information, personal or otherwise, that went in never, ever came back out.  You knew you were safe; you knew you would never be judged or, if you were it would be silently, so you’d never know.  She was perfectly named with a birth name that meant consistency and fortitude, and she was appropriately nicknamed; she was solid, permanent and steady, stoic but oddly comforting.  Which is why visiting her in this place was all the more agonising.  And it was agonising, not just mentally challenging; Kitty felt a physical pain in her chest, more specifically in her heart, that began with the thought of having to go, grew with the reality of actually being there, and then worsened with the knowledge that it wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t a false alarm, this was life in its rawest form.  A life that had been challenged, and would subsequently be lost, to death.


Teaser:  Kitty blocked her face with her hands.  It was too humiliating to have him stand there while she cried, when before he would have comforted her.  (p. 72).


Blurb:  Internationally bestselling author Cecelia Ahern’s One Hundred Names is the story of secrets, second chances, and the hidden connections that unite our lives—a universal tale that will grip you with its emotional power and mesmerize you with its magic.

Scandal has derailed Journalist Kitty Logan’s career, a setback that is soon compounded by an even more devastating loss. Constance, the woman who taught Kitty everything she knew, is dying. At her mentor’s bedside, Kitty asks her—what is the one story she always wanted to write?

The answer lies in a single sheet of paper buried in Constance’s office—a list of 100 names—with no notes or explanation. But before Kitty can talk to her friend, it is too late.

Determined to unlock the mystery and rebuild her own shaky confidence, Kitty throws herself into the investigation, using her skills and savvy to track down each of the names on the list and uncover their connection. Meeting these ordinary people and learning their stories, Kitty begins to piece together an unexpected portrait of Constance’s life. . . and starts to understand her own.


Sounds good to me.  What do you think?  Would you keep reading?