A dog person without a dog, Alison Pace set about to change the texture of her life to include one.  She had grown up with numerous dogs, but in her first NY apartment, dogs were not allowed.

Told in an anecdotal style that leads the reader through the various tales of her life, You Tell Your Dog First is a funny, poignant, and inspirational read that hooked me immediately.

The first dog in the author’s adult life is like a touchstone, telling her a lot about potential friends, dates, and even activities.  As a writer, she had a lot more flexibility to her days until that time when she decided to work in an office three days a week.  Then we watch as she diligently searches for just the right daytime companionship for her Westie named Carlie.

I have enjoyed several of the dog stories from this author, like Pug Hill and A Pug’s Tale.  I’ll be watching for the next novel from this extremely engaging author.  Five stars.