It has been a while since I’ve written about my A-frame house in the foothills, the setting for the creation of my first novel…the one with themes from my life and my career, which you can find in detail in  A House That Inspired a Story.

An Accidental Life portrays characters whose lives just seem to happen to them…almost accidentally.  I acquired the house almost accidentally, too, when funds appeared unexpectedly.  The A-frame is depicted on the cover of the book with the face it wore back then, a redwood brown.  I later painted the house this sage green color (above).




To revive the images, I created a blog button today that mimics the shape of the A-frame house, wearing an approximation of its final color….


Do you sometimes choose your path accidentally, or does life seem to happen while you’re making other plans?  Perhaps you can relate to some of these characters.





After finally creating the above header, I think I’m satisfied…for now.

There’s a story behind it, of course.  The previous banners hadn’t really resonated with me, for whatever reason.  They didn’t call out “Serendipity blog.”

The name of this blog sprang from the creation of my first novel, An Accidental Life (see it pictured above).  Which then transported me back to where I was living when I wrote it.  In the A-frame in the foothills…




The A-frame is also pictured on the book cover:




The photo on the right side of the header depicts the corner of my dining room that was my creative station,  and where I produced the first five books I now have on Amazon.


It made sense to me to create the newest banner as a nod to the book that started this blog.  Of course, I’ll probably find a reason to change things up again at some point…but that’s okay, too.

Change is good.  Well, not always, but when it’s something I initiate, it’s perfectly fine.

Do you find inspiration for your blog design and headers from something unique in your life?  I’d love to hear your stories.