“Getting personal” on my blogs is something I do fairly often.  Whenever there is an event that allows us to show bits and pieces of our interior world, I’m there.

In my books (five published so far) I do share about my life “back in the day,” with the protest marches and the flower power.  This blog commemorates some of those moments, hence the “hippie” aura to the header and background.

Today my life is about writing, blogging, and reading…and enjoying my four grown kids and seven grandchildren.  I often showcase family moments on Saturday Snapshots, and my Potpourri blog is another setting for my “sharing.”

For those who have read my blogs, they have already seen my quirky obsessiveness that manifests itself in numerous redecorating and blog makeovers.  Not to mention adding blogs, followed by merging of a few of them.  At this point, I have eleven sites.

Why so many?  Each one represents a different aspect of myself and my interests, and gives me an opportunity to spotlight my “alternate” selves.

At my website, you can find a page listing all the blogs…along with info on the books published and WIPs.

Here are some versions of me.  In 1968, with my two oldest children.

Above:  Photo of me with my third child and youngest son (1972)

And here I am in 1977 with my daughter.

And here’s a recent shot of two of my grown children (2nd and 4th, in the rear) and six grandchildren.

I share family moments in my blogs…a lot.

Oh…and I guess I should mention that, along the way, I spent three decades as a social worker, specializing in child welfare services.

So what does the “face” behind your blog look like?  I’m eager to find out more.