It’s a simple enough favor.

Jude hasn’t seen Liam in years, but when he shows up at her work asking for a favor, she finds she can’t refuse. All Jude has to do is pick Liam up at a country train station—without telling anyone. So what if she has to lie to her fiancé? Jude is still committed to him and their imminent wedding, even if she and Liam were in love once.

She owes him.

After the car crash that changed everything years ago, bright, ambitious Jude went to medical school, back on the path she had planned before meeting moody, artistic Liam. Meanwhile, he never fully recovered from the dark stain the accident left on his record.

Now he’s gone.

When the police show up at the station instead of Liam, Jude realizes that she knows nothing about the man he’s become. Now she’s tangled up in his life, the last person to have seen him, and maybe the only one who can uncover the truth about what went wrong—even if she destroys her own life in the process.

When Dr. Jude Winter sees her ex-boyfriend, Liam, from eleven years before, she is stunned. And then when he asks The Favor that seemed like a simple one, she has no idea that her life will be upended. Or that he could end up dead.

Why did she do it? Even as she travels to the little cottage where she will wait for Liam to join her and explain the favor, she wonders why she is doing this.

As chaos follows, and as Jude meets the so-called “family” with whom he had lived, she is desperately trying to get off this course. But everything she tries to do turns out to be wrong.

As the story finally comes to a stunning end, Jude knows that nothing in her life will ever be the same again. But she can start over. Finally. A brilliant 5 star read.


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