The image above reminds us that today is the 58th anniversary of that sad day in Dallas.  JFK was assassinated, and everything changed in Washington.

Since then I have read several books about the Kennedys.  I admit that I am a fan.  Back then, I was still young and planning my first wedding, which took place on December 14.

After the wedding, we moved to San Francisco, where I continued attending college.  It was a while before I would complete my education, which included moving to Sacramento for the grand finale.

By 1971, I was living in a small Fresno County town called Coalinga…and on my second marriage.  I began working for Fresno County for the Department of Social Services.  That agency would be a part of me during those times.

Here I am, below, in 1972, still living in Coalinga.  We would move to Fresno the following year, and I would continue working for the Department.  We moved several times afterwards, however, and packing up and moving on became a habit.


November would always be a reminder of sad things, however, and I cannot escape the memories. 

But here we are, in November again, and facing another Thanksgiving.  I have started remembering other events in this month.  Nowadays, I think about how the last two years had their own unique moments, with memories I wish we could have skipped:  the Pandemic, of course.

I hope to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends this year, for the first time in two years!


Meanwhile, here (above) is a photo of the condo where I lived until 2019.  I love my new apartment, but I still miss this place.

But just to commemorate my life these days, here is a glimpse of my new space:



What do you celebrate in November?  Does Thanksgiving top the list, or do you also remember other events?


4 thoughts on “A SAD ANNIVERSARY…

  1. I was very young when JFK assassinated, but I’ve always been fascinated by the Kennedy family.

    November is my birthday month so we usually celebrate that along with Thanksgiving.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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