Welcome to another Bookish Friday, in which we  share excerpts from books…and connect with other bloggers who do the same.

Let’s begin the celebration by sharing Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader; and let’s showcase The Friday 56 with Freda’s Voice.

To join in, just grab a book and share the opening lines…along with any thoughts you wish to give us; then turn to page 56 and excerpt anything on the page.

Then give us the title of the book, so others can add it to their lists! What a great way to spend a Friday.

Today’s feature is a book I have had for a while:  Home Fires, by Fiona Lowe.


Book Beginning: 

The scent of the rainforest—leaf mulch, mud and a spritz of eucalyptus—prickled Claire’s nostrils.  A fine mist settled over her, the chill sneaking around the tops of her woolen socks and skating along her bones.  Beside her, Matt pulled his hat down low before crossing his arms and shoving his hands under his armpits.


Friday 56:

“I’m glad we’re on the same page.  Listen, Josh, I’ve got a bit of a favor.  There’s a job needs doing on Monday.”



When a deadly wildfire tears through Myrtle, nestled along Australia’s breathtaking Great Ocean Road, the town’s buildings — and the lives of its residents — are left as smoldering ash. Eighteen months later, Myrtle stands restored, shiny and new. But is the outside polish just a veneer?

For four women in particular, the fire fractured their lives and their relationships. Julie thinks tourism could bring some financial stability to their town and soon prods Claire, Bec and Sophie into joining her community group.

But the scars of trauma run deep and as secrets emerge and each woman faces the damage the wildfire wrought, a shocking truth will emerge that will shake the town to its newly rebuilt foundations…


Would you keep reading?


14 thoughts on “BOOKISH FRIDAY: “HOME FIRES”

  1. Juli @ A Universe in Words

    I’m not going to lie, I initially read your title as ‘home fries’ and then got very hungry, even though it’s only 9am xD However, it sounds like an amazing read and the opening is super evocative! I hope you have a lovely start to the weekend and do drop by my Friday post if you have the time! – Juli @ A Universe in Words

    Liked by 1 person

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