This week I spent time playing around with images until I finally created the one above for my new blog header.

The doll on the left has figured into my headers here for quite a while; she seems to remind me of serendipitous moments, since I accidentally discovered her one day in Barnes & Noble.  After I brought her home, I always seemed to place her next to books on my shelves.  She fit there.

When I moved almost two years ago, I was not in charge of what came with me…thanks to being ill at the time, and I hadn’t placed her on the list “to bring.”  Something I later regretted, but I was glad to have many photos of her, so she could still reign in my blog life.

I needed another doll to balance her out, I decided, so finally I found the one on the right.  It was time to create a blog banner featuring them both.

I have a lot of images of the new doll in various poses.  The one below is next to a Mary Engelbreit banner that always makes me smile:


Then there is this one, on the entry way table under which I stack my TBR print volumes, and next to my little Jelly Cupboard (and the little Mary Engelbreit cottage on the right).  The banner is topped by a little sign that reads “When all else fails, ask Nana.”

And now for another one, which offers a full length glimpse of the cupboard and its treasures:


So…those are some serendipitous moments I am enjoying on this Friday. What brings delight to your days?


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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