Recently, a “memory” appeared on my Facebook page (below), and I was taken back to some “treasures” of the past, like the mugs and bowls in the cupboard on the left above.

So I had to search through my photo files for the collections, which is how I created the new header for this site.

Meanwhile, my daughter texted me that she has the mugs!  Yes, she was the one who actually cleared out my previous residence and moved me here, and while I had a voice in it all, I had forgotten about these mugs.

Here they are on her counter:

Now I am looking forward to having them again!  She will keep the bowls and the plates, and I will find space for the mugs in my cabinet.  Joy!

I wish I still had that cupboard above, but sadly, there isn’t enough space.  I did bring a couple of my favorite country cupboards, however, like this one for bathroom towels.:

In my entry way, I have added another favorite cupboard for photos and trinkets, and a few books.

The lesson learned:  we can still enjoy the “treasures” of the past in new spaces.


Today I am relaxing with coffee while waiting for my Instacart order.  Yes, having a few favorite treats in my cupboards and fridge can make my little apartment feel like a home.  I also enjoy eating in the dining room, for the socialization…and the joy of not having to cook.

Tomorrow will bring an end to Year 2020, and I couldn’t be happier about that!  Meanwhile, I have a pretty new Mary Engelbreit calendar to hang.

Happy New Year!



  1. I am so glad that your daughter had those mugs so you can enjoy them again. I am afraid that we were a little quick to get rid of things during our move this summer and have already missed a few items. I do love the way you have worked all of these wonderful items into your decor.

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