Lately, I’ve been sentimentally looking back at some of my previous places and spaces.  A favorite of mine:  this cozy room that felt like an apartment/getaway in my two-story A-frame house.

Note the mini fridge, microwave, coffee pot…and that white wicker bed tray.  I could stay in that room all weekend, if I wanted.  And since I was still working at my high-stress career, I often chose to do that.  My kids were grown, and while the two youngest took turns living in the guest house next door, they had their own private lives.

Except when they needed to use my laundry room.

When my daughter was in the guest house, she had colorful decor, and I enjoyed visiting there, too.  I loved the bathroom she created, with red-orange on the walls and playful images.




Later, when both “kids” had gone, I used it as a real guest house.  I bought some Coca Cola furnishings, which I took with me to my current residence when I moved.  The sofa/bed now resides in my guest room/office at the condo.



Sometimes the memories take me back, and while I’m enjoying my smaller space now, I do miss having those “kids” pop in from time to time.  Now they are scattered everywhere…except for my daughter, who is half an hour away.

My eldest son, who really enjoyed staying in the guest house when he visited, is coming in mid-May for a short visit.  We’ve had some good visits in my current space, too.  Watching Netflix and eating popcorn.



Do you ever traipse down Memory Lane?  What fond memories and photos make you smile?


I’m currently reading Someone Knows, by Lisa Scottoline, and really enjoying it.




    1. Thanks, Katherine, I’m glad that I took photos of the rooms, even though my daughter makes fun of my practice of photographing everything. But the pictures help me remember the times…and even give me decorating ideas for the here and now.

      I got the Coca Cola furniture at a Crafter’s store that had a section dedicated to these finds. I am still enjoying them now in my condo.

      I’m looking forward to the visit from my Prague son. He actually has enjoyed all this stuff, too, especially when he stayed in the guest house years ago.


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