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As we count down the final days of 2017, we also have our eye set on what lies ahead in 2018.  On January 1st, I will be writing my First Book of the Year post at An Interior Journey, with Sheila, Book Journey, leading the event.

In the past week, I read and reviewed three books, and completed my Read the Books You Buy Challenge with a total of 121 purchased books read and reviewed.

Christmas was a lovely and quiet event with family…and a follow-up of reading and movies.  On Netflix I watched half of Season I of Fuller House…but I’m not sure if I will continue.  It has been too long since the Full House years, and I’m not really connected to the characters.

In the year ahead, I hope to choose books carefully, since some of this year’s picks were underwhelming, with a few DNFs, sigh.  Here’s to a great year of reading!  Let’s have a cup of coffee and chat about last week.



Sunday Potpourri:  A Quiet Christmas Eve…

Tuesday Sparks:  “Lost & Found Sisters”

Tuesday Potpourri:  It’s That Time Again…

Midweek Reading:  Enjoy!

Hump Day Potpourri:  The New Year…

Challenge Update…

Coffee Chat:  Wrapping up the Year…

Bookish Friday:  “The Girl in Times Square”

My One Word for 2018:  Shouting It Out!

Review:  Dead of Winter (e-book, Lily Dale Mystery), by Wendy Corsi StaubReview:  The Girls in the Picture (e-book), by Melanie Benjamin – (NetGalley – 1/16/18)Review:  Lost & Found Sisters (e-book), by Jill Shalvis


INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Empty mailbox!  I did buy one e-book, however…

Now That You Mention It (e-book), by Kristan Higgins



My First Book of the Year, of course, which I will not reveal until my January 1 post!

I also have a list for next week that includes:

Eaves of Destruction (e-book), by Kate Carlisle

Seeing Red (e-book), by Sandra Brown – a book I’ve had since last summer, and now I’m brave enough to take on this 585 page book


Then I have two more January NetGalley books:

Anatomy of a Scandal (e-book), by Sarah Vaughan (NG – 1/23)

Watch Me (e-book), by Jody Gehrman (NG-1/23)


That was my week…what did yours look like?  On Friday night, I enjoyed this repast at CPK…not my usual soup, but pizza, salad, and my strawberry margarita.  I had leftover pizza for today’s lunch!


80 thoughts on “WEEKLY UPDATES: RINGING IN 2018…

  1. I love quiet holidays. I still haven’t watched any of Fuller House despite loving it as a kid. I just didn’t see the reboot as something that needed to be deviated, I guess. I think I have Anatomy of a Scandal. It looks intriguing. Happy reading and New Year!

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    1. Thanks, Natalie, and I plan to enjoy a quiet New Year’s Eve, too…and take down my decorations on New Year’s Day…lol.

      Yes, the children in Full House were so cute…the Fuller House rendition seems a bit…fake. Happy New Year!


  2. I watched a couple of episodes of Fuller House when it first came out. I think I’m past it, you know? My kids might enjoy it though. I’ll have to ask if they’ve watched. I hope you enjoy the Higgins book. While not my favorite of hers I did enjoy it. I started reading my First Book and I like it! Stay tuned 🙂

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  3. Greg Hill

    Glad you had a nice Christmas! And I think I’m going to be more careful about books this year too- I had a mostly good reading year but I just want to be a little more picky myself. 🙂

    Eaves of Destruction looks fun. I need to read more cozies.

    Pizza! Looks yummy…

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  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. I tried Fuller House but didn’t even get as far as you did. I do like that she’s a vet, but that’s about it, I’m really curious about Anatomy of a Scandal and will look forward to your thoughts. Have a great and safe New Year’s.

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    1. Thanks, Barb, I thought I might like Fuller House, because I enjoy the actor Candace Cameron-Bure, in some of the Hallmark movies. But maybe her roles in those movies are better suited for her than this reboot of a show that once was fun, but which now feels like an “aging adolescent drama.” LOL

      I am looking forward to Anatomy of a Scandal, too. Happy New Year!


  5. Literary Feline

    I feel bad about not taking part in the first book of the year event. I had such fun with it last year and even got my daughter, mom and husband involved. Oh well. I’m currently in the middle of the book that will be my first finished book for 2018. I am glad you had a nice Christmas. We did too.

    I hope your reading in 2018 is much better than this year! I’m pleased with my reading in 2017, but it was definitely more of an escapist reading type year. I don’t know that that will change this coming year given everything going on in the world. I have to keep my sanity somehow. Haha

    I hope you have a Happy New Year, Laurel-Rain! I look forward to our visits in the coming year. Happy reading!

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    1. Thanks, Wendy, and while I did have some underwhelming books this year, I also immersed myself in some wonderful ones. You could still participate in First Book with the one you’re reading now…if you don’t finish it until tomorrow. Just sayin’. lol

      Enjoy the holiday…and have a great 2018! Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Yvonne

    I tried an episode of Fuller House, but I couldn’t get into it. Like you said, it’s been too many years since Full House. I hope you read many great books in 2018. Happy New Year!

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  7. Jenea

    I’m glad you had a nice Christmas. You have some great books coming up to read and I hope you enjoy Now That You Mention It. I just adored it. Happy reading and Happy New Year! 🎉

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  8. We had a quiet Christmas Day, too, and ended up watching some Fuller House with our daughters. They all associate the show with their childhood and loved it… I wasn’t quite as big a fan. I’m looking forward to Sheila’s First Book event, too. Your pizza looks yummy – I could go for some today. Happy New Year!

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    1. Thanks, JoAnn…I love the First Book event. It gives us something to anticipate in the New Year.

      I did love those little kids on Full House. I have set to record a few shows in the Full House marathon tomorrow…maybe then I will enjoy Fuller House more.

      Happy New Year!


  9. I’ve been on the fence about Fuller House. I liked the show fine but it was never one I went out of my way to watch so I don’t think I’m connected enough to the characters either. I loved Now That You Mention It and hope you enjoy it as well! Can’t wait to see what your first book in 2018 is! Have a great week and Happy New Year!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Katherine, and I’m very excited about the First Book…and will probably write my post this evening, before the ball drops.

      I’ve never read Kristan Higgins, so I’m looking forward to Now That You Mention It. I have one of her older books, too, which I haven’t yet read.

      Happy New Year…and enjoy your day…and your week.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth, and I loved that pizza…spinach, mushroom, etc.

      Sandra Brown’s book was long, so I decided to wait for the New Year, when I will not be participating in any challenges…just motivating myself to read more books on my shelves.

      Enjoy the New Year!


  10. carolesrandomlife

    I love Sandra Brown and enjoyed Seeing Red. I hope you do as well. I have heard so many great things about Now That You Mention It so I am curious about that one. Enjoy all of your new books! Happy New Year!

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  11. Happy New Year Laurel-Rain. Spending a quiet day catching up on the some shows and commenting on blogs. Tomorrow it is back to the regular schedule of life and that’s okay. I’ve got Seeing Red and always enjoy a Sandra Brown chunkster. Looking forward to what 2018 brings and hope yours is filled with what brings you joy.

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  12. I will have to take my daughters to CPK at Hillsdale Mall since we need to look for a bigger jean jacket for the 13 year old since the size 2 I got her from H&M wouldn’t allow her to layer and button up; her 10 year old sister fits it and so got it. A :*:.。.:*(´∀`*)Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!*:.。.:*: to you. It’s hard to choose a good book; authors one knows can be pretty reliable but sometimes a summary or cover can deceive you. You try your best. Have a great day. XX

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    1. Thanks, Stefanie, have fun at the mall…and enjoy CPK! I am trying to decide if I want to go there again today…or maybe to Marie Callender’s, as I’m craving the Shepherd’s Pie.

      Enjoy your reading, too!


  13. Hope you had a Happy New Year! I had an empty mailbox too — for the past two weeks. December is always such a busy time of the year that not much reading gets done. I’m happy to get back to normal.

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