Good morning!  It’s time to chat about Hump Day and enjoy the places where we love to curl up with our books, etc.  Above, I rearranged some things on my little table in my office, the one below my family wall of photos:  in addition to the Coca Cola lamp and the Minnie Mouse phone, I now have a cute mug that says “Bee Happy,” which I’ve had for a while, but it was previously in my bedroom.  And next to the phone is the new clock I ordered this week.  I did that after realizing I have NO CLOCKS in this room, since the one I had fell from the wall and broke.

I think the ghosts in my house were playing pranks on me!

Anyway, I love its colors.  It is a small clock, but it serves its purpose.  Here’s a close-up, from the product page:


I read until late last night…in my bedroom, where I could curl up with fluffy pillows.  I am reading Lie to Me, by J. T. Ellison, and I’m loving it.  My review will go up later today.


My TV watching last night was This Is Us, which I  really love, although sometimes I find the mother, portrayed by Mandy Moore, really annoying!  Especially in the episodes with her grown children.  She seems fake.  I don’t like Miguel, the guy she married after Jack, either.   Jack and Miguel were best friends.  It seems…wrong, somehow.  The kids seem to have problems with him, too.  I am curious about what will unfold.

I’ve also been watching several episodes of The Menendez Murders.  I love that Edie Falco is portraying Leslie Abramson, the boys’ attorney.  She has a rather harsh demeanor, but it works in this role, IMO.

Okay…enough said.  Back to reading.


After yesterday’s Release Day, I didn’t end up downloading any of the other books released yesterday.  Not yet, anyway.  Seven Days of Us was one of them, and it’s on my list…but the reviews were so mixed.  I will wait a while.

I might have to read it, though.  I love family dysfunction…in a movie or book.  Not in real life.  Maybe my reluctance to dig into this one is how close to home the themes feel to me.  My own family, and the in-laws I accrued over the years, were reminders of all that can be annoying about family.  LOL.


So…what does Hump Day bring to you?  Books, adventures, etc.?



  1. I thought Seven Days of Us was a good read. Yes, some annoying and superficial characters but there are a couple of those in my family so it didn’t seem too unrealistic 😉
    I love your new clock!

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  2. I’m getting through more of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, my book club’s pick. My neighbor’s son was happy today so we had a smooth transition from after school to my house. We’ve been playing Battleship. Heating up leftovers right now, whole wheat linguine with vodka sauce with chicken sausage + baby broccoli roasting in the oven.

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  3. I love your home collections. That shelf looks so cozy. ( :
    Where is the Menendez Murders story showing?
    I’m interested in hearing about Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison. It’s been on my radar.
    I just started reading Under an Adirondack Sky by Karen Rock, a sweet romance read I intended to read a while back.

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    1. NBC: Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, on Tuesday nights here.

      I am addicted to it. I like Edie Falco, who I enjoyed in Nurse Jackie.

      Thanks for visiting, Laurie. I bought that shelf years ago in one of my favorite shops…and it has moved around from room to room; it was a sofa table for a while.

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