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What a great week!  The temperatures even dipped into the 70s, but mostly we had pleasant 80s.  Not even a drop of rain.  Did the weather help me curl up and read FOUR books this week?  Two were review ARCs and two others added to my Read the Books You Buy Challenge, bringing the total to 84.

We’re in the midst of Bloggiesta…check out what I’ve done at my Sign-up and Starting Line post.

I’ve done a lot of Netflix bingeing this week, finishing up Nurse Jackie and the seventh season of Offspring.  I started a new series, called The Five.

I’m excited that the TGIT shows are coming this Thursday (at least two of them: Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder).

Next Friday, a Netflix movie based on a book I read this week, Our Souls at Night, will star Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.  I may have shouted out about this upcoming movie once or twice already.  LOL.

What did my week look like?  Grab some coffee, and check it out.  This photo, below, shows off my coffee…and one of my new books this week:  a coffee table book with lovely photos.


Tuesday Excerpts:  “Our Souls at Night”

A Week of Great Reading…

Hump Day Serendipity:  Creating My “Happy Moments”

Coffee Chat:  Books, Movies, & Vicarious Travels

Bookish Friday:  “The Heirs”

Friday Potpourri:  From Nesting to Vicarious Traveling…

Review:  The Blackbird Season (e-book), by Kate Moretti – (NG – 9/26)Review:  Our Souls at Night (e-book), by Kent HarufReview:  Happy People Read & Drink Coffee, by Agnes Martin-Lugand (Amazon Vine)Review:  The Heirs (e-book), by Susan Rieger***

INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

One (purchased) book arrived in my mailbox; I downloaded three e-books.

Open House:  Reinventing Space for Simple Living, by Amanda Pays & Corbin Bernsen



White Bodies (e-book), by Jane Robins

Keep Her Safe (e-book), by Sophie Hannah

The Last Move (e-book), by Mary Burton



The Stolen Marriage (e-book), by Diane Chamberlain (NG – 10/3)


And then I will pick books according to my whims…and try to read more from my TBR pile.

That was my week.  What did yours look like?  I haven’t gone out this week…but last weekend, I had this brunch at Mimi’s.



  1. Greg Hill

    Yay for Netflix! I’m sort of between shows at the moment, re- watching an old favorite but not sure what to try next? And glad your temps mellowed! We on the other hand had humidity and 90’s this week- I think it’s been warmer this week than we had most of the summer!

    I’m totally wanting to read The Blackbird season now, hope to get that one in the next week or two. And The LAst Move looks a little chilling.

    Mimi’s looks pretty good to me! yum. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Greg, I was pleased by the beautiful and delicious brunch….although I could only eat half.

      I hope you enjoy The Blackbird Season…it was definitely a page turner.

      Have a great week, and hopefully cooler, with less humidity.

      I liked The Five, the Netflix show that I finished today.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Di; I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning (Sunday); it’s perking.

      I do love the cooler weather…and need to clear off my patio again, too, so I can enjoy the outdoors. Have a great week.


  2. The weather here has been the same. It’s so nice. I made the mistake of looking at the temps expected this next week. Back into the 90’s. Oh well. It’s not that unusual, is it? Nurse Jackie seems to have a re-resurgence in popularity. It is a good show. I should probably re-watch it and maybe catch some of the episodes I missed.

    I love the cover of A Stolen Marriage and White Bodies intrigues me. Keep Her Safe is one I really want to read as well. I hope you enjoy your new books! Have a great week, Laurel-Rain!

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    1. Thanks, Wendy, and I took a while to ponder whether or not I would enjoy watching Nurse Jackie again, since I saw the whole thing on Showtime…but once I was into it, I was hooked….again. I love the Jackie character, even as I was yelling at her to make better choices. LOL.

      I am excited about The Stolen Marriage and White Bodies, too. I discovered (on Goodreads) that Keep Her Safe was just a different title to a book I already bought in hardcover before this e-book came out (Did You See Melody?). I hate that about Sophie Hannah’s books…and also Lisa Jewell’s. They have different titles, depending on where they are published.

      I am disappointed. Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Emma, and I prefer 70s to 80s,, but I’ll take it over triple digits. I see that we’ll be back to the 90s next week.

      I guess weather is one of those frustrating things we can’t control. I remember one summer (2006) when we had temperatures that hit over 110 for 14 days in a row, and I was living in a house with no AC…just an evaporative cooler. Halfway through, I took off for the beach. I was feeling the bliss.

      Enjoy your week!

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    1. Thanks, Deb, I do love cooler days…but I’m also happy that our winters are mild, so I guess I’ll take the hot summers, if that’s the trade-off.

      I hope you enjoy Happy People…I loved that cover and title, and the story was pretty good.

      Enjoy your week.


  3. I started listening to Central Station today (a scifi book) while cleaning, and there was SO MUCH CLEANING that I’m already 53% done with it. Imagine that! Also, I signed up for sci-fi month. Will you participate?
    Other than that, well, I have a co-blogger this week and I attented a very strange party, you can read all about it on my Sunday post. Nothing other that’s new! But I do feel like that’s enough news for one week 😀
    Have a great week!

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    1. Maybe being able to clean house while listening would be a good reason for me to try audio…but then again, I love curling up with a book. Multi-tasking just doesn’t seem relaxing. LOL.

      Enjoy your week…and thanks for visiting, Evelina.


      1. Yeah, I know, I’ve always been a pro-reader (as opposed to listening). And it was really hard to get into listening! It takes a bit to get used to it. But I swear… it just lets me read so many books, plus I have a computer job, so it’s really good to rest the eyes.

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    1. Thanks for the congrats, Cleo, and for your review of White Bodies, which really sold me on it….a book I’m now eager to read sooner rather than later. But first, there are some ARCs and some older books. I always get into this quandary about which books to grab first.

      Enjoy your week!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Jenea….I accidentally bought two versions of the book. Did You See Melody? is one I got in hardcover a few weeks ago, and when I downloaded Keep Her Safe, I didn’t know they were the same book with different titles…sigh.


  4. fuonlyknew

    Such a nice selection of new reads. And as for the weather…I’ll take some of what you’re having. LOL That brunch looks delicious. Is that a slushy Bloody Mary. I can almost taste it:)

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    1. I thought that she took an overdose, but instead of dying, she reached that state of bliss (or euphoria) the addict always searches for….but it wasn’t real. There was a dream quality to it.

      Like you said, we can interpret it a number of ways. I loved it, though.

      Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne, and I’m eager to read all of my new books…and some old ones, too. Have a great week.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Susan, and I love Mimi’s and California Pizza Kitchen lately…no more Elephant Bar, so those are the two neighborhood favorites. But I need to venture out of the neighborhood more. LOL.

      I would never have imagined Emma Stone playing Billie Jean King, but in the previews I’ve seen, she seems to be doing a great job.

      I’m definitely eager for the Netflix movie, too; I saw a trailer and it was very close in dialogue to the book, which I always enjoy.

      Have a great week!

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  5. For the millionth time, I love your food-pics…and I don’t usually like food pics.
    Jane and Robert reunited, should be good; I’ll look out for that one…though I’m behind on just about every show I want to see. Never heard of Offspring or The Five (though the latter made me think of this movie I watched on Netflix recently for some reason – Whatever Happened to Monday – though I could be totally off). Will check them out…maybe.
    Sounds like lovely weather where you are, this is my first weekend in four not under hurricane watch or warning so it’s a good one all things considered, though so many islands are reeling after the storms so far in the Caribbean this season. But give thanks for life… and books.

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    1. Thanks, I love eating the food, too. LOL. I got in the habit of photographing it when my son and DIL were visiting here from Berlin.

      I hope you stay safe from all the hurricanes.

      Thanks for visiting, Joanne, and Offspring is an Australian show with family drama, although the MC is an obstetrician at a local hospital

      The Five is based on a Harlan Coben novel.

      Enjoy your week!


  6. katarguelles

    The weather cooled down here too and now I have a cold lol. You are doing great with your reading. I have a long list of shows I need to watch and I’ve been wanting to watch How To Get Away With Murder. I hope you have a great week and happy reading!

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  7. Good to know your temps are coming down a little. I signed up to Netflix, not a huge viewer but decided to work my way through The Crown and have some others earmarked. Lifting my glass to the next Diane Chamberlain.

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  8. OPEN HOUSE looks so good, but all of your books do.

    WHITE BODIES is definitely catching my eye. 🙂

    I have seen good comments about THE STOLEN MARRIAGE…her books are always good. ENJOY!!

    Going to check out your review of THE BLACKBIRD SEASON. It grew on me…wasn’t too excited about it at first.

    Have a great week…we are going to cool off later this week. Too cool for me!! 🙂

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

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  9. Kathy Martin

    Sounds like you had a good week. Nice assortment of books too. I have been trying to fit in a few TBR around review books but I haven’t read anywhere near as many as you have this year. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  10. Open House looks really good. I love those clean open spaces! I’ve been hearing raves about Nurse Jackie lately and really need to try it. I don’t know all that much about it but I think I’d enjoy it. I’ve got Stolen Marriage coming up soon and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been wanting to read Diane Chamberlain forever but have never managed it. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Katherine, and I think you’re in for a treat with Diane Chamberlain. Plus…Nurse Jackie, for me, was as addictive as the subject matter (addiction).

      I like Edie Falco, too; I’m watching her tomorrow in a movie about the Menendez brothers.

      I’ve always loved looking at books and magazines and TV shows that feature beautiful spaces.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy, and our heat is going up again midweek. That always happens here, though, as the County Fair, which comes in early October, usuallly features super-hot weather. It’s a given. LOL.

      Sophie Hannah is one of those authors whose characters are quirky, which makes it fun to watch them solve cases.

      I keep hearing about closures of some of my favorite restaurants! Sigh. Recently our Elephant Bar closed.


  11. Yum that brunch! And what is the drink? A Bloody Mary? Whatever, looks delish!!
    So glad you had nice weather! Ours is still a bummer right now. Soon, though, they say.

    That Open Spaces book looks interesting. Is it cowritten by the actor Corbin Bernsen?

    Have a great week!

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