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What a great week!  Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix, and FOUR books read and reviewed.   89 books read for my Read the Books You Buy Challenge.

I’ve already watched the first Gilmore Girls episode, and there are only three more in this first “Season” (we don’t know if there will be more!); I’ll be done by the end of the weekend.  That’s what binge-watching is all about.

Saturday will be another day of family togetherness.  My second son and his daughter will come through town, to join the few of us who will be here.  We’re meeting at Yard House, a new place for our little group.  Many of our usual young adults are heading back to university campuses.

It is finally cool enough to say it’s fall.  The temperature has been in the 50s and 60s.  Finally!  I like turning the heater on instead of the AC.

The PG&E bill is much lower, too.  Good things all around.  Now we just have to prime for the Christmas holiday…followed by Tax Season…Ugh.

Grab some coffee and let’s chat.






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INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

One book came in the mailbox from Amazon Vine; I downloaded an eARC from NetGalley; I purchased two e-books, and received one freebie from Amazon Prime.

Little Deaths, by Emma Flint (Amazon Vine)





The 4th Man (e-book, short story), by Lisa Gardner (NetGalley – 1/3/17)






The Other Widow (e-book), by Susan Crawford





The Sleeping Beauty Killer (e-book) (Under Suspicion Series), by Mary Higgins Clark/Alafair Burke





Amazon Prime Freebie:

The Food of Love (e-book), by Amanda Prowse






Currently Reading:  Echoes of Family (e-book), by Barbara Claypole White





Then, maybe:


While You Were Sleeping (e-book), by Kathryn Croft





Sting (e-book), by Sandra Brown






That was my week.  What did yours look like?  Let’s chat…and meanwhile, I’ll share this delicious lunch I had today: Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, carrots…and a Pomegranate Martini.





  1. Greg Hill

    Ooh those sound like nice temps for a change. It’s been downright cold here, in the 30’s… brr. Definitely November here in Michigan. I love binge watching but haven’t been doing much of it? It’s been more movies with the holiday and all. I need to binge this weekend. 🙂 And four books? Wow, go you.

    While You Were Sleeping looks good and intense, I’ve been seeing a lot of people reading it lately. Makes me want to maybe give it a shot.

    Love pot roast! That looks delicious! Ha ha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Greg, and I love the cooler weather, too. I don’t want it to get too cold, though; yeah, never satisfied with it. Like Goldilocks, it’s too hot or too cold. LOL

      I thought pot roast, which I love, was a nice change from turkey…although I didn’t completely satisfy my turkey cravings…especially the stuffing. Never enough of that!

      I loved two other books by Kathryn Croft, so I’m really looking forward to While You Were Sleeping.

      I can’t wait for the December movies to start coming out. I never seem to get to them all, because they tend to come in clusters….

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


  2. I have never seen The Gilmore Girls and now I feel like I should with so many people talking about it. I am reading Amanda Prowse at the moment, just started but so far, so good. Have a good week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Emma, and I don’t know why it took me so long to get to The Gilmore Girls…it was on Netflix before I started bingeing on it….but now I just love Lorelai and Rory…and their various adventures. But most of all…their banter is so much fun. Plus, there are lots of quirky characters living in Stars Hollow. Some will annoy you, of course, but that’s life in a small town.

      Hope you enjoy it…I only watched the first episode of the revival last night, as it was getting late. Enjoy your week! Thanks for visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Majanka, I wanted to keep watching GG last night, but I was sooo tired! Later today, I’m thinking.

      I also love the look of While You Were Sleeping. Right now I’m reading Echoes of Family. Thanks for visiting.


  3. Whag great ohana time you have planned. I’ve been busy with sick kids so not much TV watching here, but we started catching up on Project Runway, Season 15. In the past we’ve always as an ohana watched episodes while eating dinner. Me and the girls just came back from the library and each of us dames brought home a stack. I only meant to pick up a hold but had to roll by the New Fiction section. I have fun doing that. I use my GR app to scan bar codes as some of the eye-catching covers are further into a series and I don’t like reading one out of order.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for visiting, Stefanie, and I hope everyone feels better soon. I just finished bingeing on the Gilmore Girls Revival…and I’m not satiated. I want more!

      They gave us just enough to hook us all over again…sigh.

      Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Deborah, and I finished bingeing on Gilmore Girls…and I want more! I’m crying out: Please, don’t let it be over! LOL.

      I went on Google, and the question was asked: will there be more, and Amy Sherman-Palladino said “maybe.” I’m hanging onto that word.


  4. Mmmmm… pomegranate martini. It sounds wonderful. I was a diehard cosmo girl until I had a French martini and now that is my go to. I do like to have holiday themed and specialty martinis too, though. Happy to hear you were able to touch base with family over the holiday. Have a wondeful week. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, La La, time with family can heal a lot of wounds…even if we don’t agree on a lot of things! LOL.

      Pomegranate martinis have been my favorites for a while. But only one place in my neighborhood makes them just right. So that’s where I go for that particular obsession. I’ve never really liked cosmos…

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


  5. Glad you enjoyed the Gilmore Girls – it’s rather slid by me, but then these days apart from a couple of quiz shows and Strictly Come Dancing, I don’t watch much TV. You’ve clearly had a great week reading and blogging – we are still having much milder weather than usual for the time of year, though the wind is blowing with something of an edge, making it feel a lot colder. But so far this year, it’s been amazing – long may it continue! Have a great week – my Sunday Post –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Sarah, I finished bingeing when I got home….and it was perfect to curl up and watch, with the rain pounding outside. It was a sudden and windy rain, so getting inside was the antidote.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for stopping by. Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right TV shows. I love Sunday night shows here, as we have: Divorce, Madame Secretary, Secrets and Lies, and The Affair. A bonanza!

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  6. Literary Feline

    Are you getting the rain we are? We finally turned on our heater last night. I hope you are enjoying your visit with your family. Today we are putting up the indoor Christmas decorations. I want to get some of the presents wrapped as well. I hope you have a great week, Laurel-Rain!

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  7. I’m going to get to Gilmore Girls this week so I’m not reading anyone’s opinions too carefully about it right about now.

    The Other Widow looks good, as does the Lisa Gardner short. Sandra Brown is hit or miss for me, but this one looks intriguing. Curious at your thoughts. Enjoy the cooler weather!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I remember enjoying The Pocket Wife, by Susan Crawford, so I had to grab The Other Widow. Lisa Gardner is a favorite.

      Hope you enjoy Gilmore Girls, Rita, and not to spoil anything, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.


  8. katarguelles

    It’s cold in Sacramento so it’s finally feeling like winter here too. I never watched The Gilmore Girls but I do want to binge on Netflix. It’s so easy to catch up now that most shows are somewhere online. We had my husband’s family gathering today, so I know how it is to have multiple celebrations during the holidays. I hope you had a nice time with your family and enjoy the books you have planned for this week. Have a great week!

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  9. Hmm I never really watched the Gilmore Girls but I see a lot of excitement about the recent come back of it. I saw the Amanda Prowse book somewhere else as well last week. I like her – well at least the couple of books I read. So now you are having Autumn weather and we are having Spring and very blustery here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and I didn’t “get” the Gilmore Girls phenomenon until I actually started watching it on Netflix…and then I was hooked. Their banter, their obsessions, the quirky town…all of it kept me glued to the screen. The comeback was great…but left me wanting more. Sort of like turkey stuffing. LOL.

      Enjoy your spring…and I’m happy for autumn. Have a great week!


    1. Isn’t it weird how that happens, Melinda? I’ve actually picked up books in the bookstore and thought they sounded good…only to realize later that I already have the book. That doesn’t happen often, thankfully. Enjoy your week!


  10. Little Deaths sounds just like my kind of thing! I’ve had The Other Widow on my shelf for a while, I need to get to it.

    What did you think to the Gilmore Girls episodes? I enjoyed them a lot, I’m so happy we got to visit Stars Hollow again!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Looking forward to your thoughts on The Other Widow! I didn’t have time to watch the new Gilmore Girls over the weekend. Hoping to do so eventually. This is such a busy time of year and now a couple of unexpected things are moving it down my list. Enjoy the Fall temps. We’re starting the slide to winter…

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I’d never seen The Gilmore Girls but so many people talk about it I got Carl to watch the very first episode with me the other night. I’m not hooked yet.

    I haven’t read Mary Higgins Clark in forever but used to like her work a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and I think the Gilmore Girls might take a while for you…there’s a rhythm to their lives and their banter that grows on you. Enjoy!

      I read the first two MHC books in this Under Suspicion series, so I had to get this one!

      Have a great week!


  13. Kathy Martin

    It is nice to get together with family. I’m glad you enjoyed the visit. Our weather is still warmer than normal which I really enjoy. No snow = a good day! Thanks for visiting my blogs. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Yummy martini & pot roast. How did you like the Gilmore Girls finale? Will there be more? Lately my husband has me watching The Crown tv series. So far I’m lukewarm on it. Enjoy your books & week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVED the Gilmore Girls reunion…and the ending had me wanting more, for sure. I Googled it, and the producer hasn’t ruled out another season…her response: “maybe.”

      I have The Crown in my queue, but haven’t started it yet.

      Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and I loved the martini and the pot roast.


    1. Oh, yes, and I might have gone the rest of my life not watching it, but I caught glimpses of it on the old SoapNet Channel (muted), so when I saw it on Netflix, I just tried it. And I was hooked.

      But I know that we can’t watch everything…too little time! Thanks for stopping by, Leslie, and enjoy your week.


  15. Little Deaths sounds amazing and I cannot wait to get into the Gilmore Girls revival although I still need to rewatch most of Gilmore Girls xD and I’m so jealous of your avid posting, I really need to get back into the game! Thank you for stopping by my blog and sorry for the late return 😀
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries, Juli, I love getting visitors through the week. I think Little Deaths sounds good, too, and can’t wait to read it. There are so many books on my stacks that I have a hard time picking what to read next. Thanks for visiting.


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