Welcome to Thursday, a day that once seemed lost, with nothing exciting happening anywhere.  But then that changed, and today I am celebrating a couple of the bookish events around the blogosphere, like Lexxie’s Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts; and Christine’s Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts.




Today’s featured book is a new Amazon Prime freebie, from an author that is new to me:  The Food of Love, by Amanda Prowse, is a story of a family faced with unexpected challenges.  Freya, the wife and mother is a food writer.





In this snippet, our characters are enjoying an ordinary morning…before everything changes.  We’ll capture that moment here:


“Where are you working today?” she asked casually as she reached into the freezer for lumps of frozen spinach, which she lobbed into the blender, followed by half a banana and a whole glug of fresh pineapple juice.  Finally, she grabbed an avocado from the salad crisper in the bottom of the fridge and peeled it, using a sharp knife to slice about half, and tossed that too into her breakfast concoction.  The remainder was wrapped in a strip of tinfoil and popped back into the crisper.


I’m not sure about this concoction, but I might try it!




  • Happy Thanksgiving!




  • I will be joining my daughter, her husband, her son Noah, and her in-laws….we were there last year, too.  Here’s a last-year’s photo of Heather and David at the table.  Before dessert….



  • Here’s Noah enjoying some pie…and as I looked at this one-year-old photo, I almost gasped.  The kid has grown two or three inches, at least, since last year.  He is now taller than his mom.



  • It has been a quick week, of course.  Monday, errands; Tuesday, a spa day; yesterday was reading and TV watching.  I finally finished the third book, one that I started (and stopped) last week:  Two If by Sea, by Jacquelyn Mitchard (click for review).



  • Earlier in the week, I read Hillbilly Elegy (click for review) and Inheriting Edith (click)
  • Gilmore Girls has been on one of my channels in a marathon showing…I have it on, muted, and turn on the sound to catch something interesting, now and then.  I’ve set the DVR for the final two episodes, so I can refresh my memory before binge-watching on Friday.
  • Now I’m off to have coffee and breakfast…yes, I usually have it while posting, but I’m scattered today!


Enjoy the holiday and the rest of your week!




    1. Yes, Kate, you’ve missed an amazing show about a unique mother/daughter relationship…and a lot of fun banter between various characters. It’s addictive! And not just because of the coffee…LOL.

      Try it, you might like it. Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

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