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Our temperatures here have been consistently in the 80s, and occasionally 70s, so I’m feeling good about that! 

Today I’m heading over to the neighborhood outdoor mall to have lunch with a friend/former colleague; we haven’t had a lunch like this for years.  She moved farther north, our lives are busy, and that’s what happens.  We’ll be going to Dai Bai Dang, where I usually enjoy that famous Blushing Geisha!  lol.



It has been another great reading week (for me, anyway);  FOUR books, for two weeks in a row.  Could this be a trend?  My totals for the Read The Books You Buy Challenge have now reached:  wait for it!  74.

Around the blogosphere, many are participating in the Dewey’s Read-a-Thon.  I always plan on doing it, but somehow, never quite make it.  Last year, I actually signed up for it…and did a lot of reading.  But not 24/7.

Let’s grab an extra cup of coffee…and chat about what happened this past week.





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INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

This week brought only two books!  One, an e-ARC from NetGalley…and one purchased download.


The Sleepwalker (e-book), by Chris Bohjalian – (NetGalley – 1/10/17)





Hungry Heart (e-book):  Adventures in Life, Love, & Writing, by Jennifer Weiner (Purchased)






I’ve enjoyed following my moods lately…especially since I’m caught up on my NetGalley and Vine reviews…so I might read these:


Commonwealth (e-book), by Ann Patchett






Confess, by Colleen Hoover





So…that’s my week…what did yours look like?  Come on by, bring some coffee or something sparkly….and let’s chat.






    1. Thanks, Yvonne, I have best laid plans for the Read-A-Thon as well…

      I am excited about the new Weiner book, even though it is more of a collection of essays. I suspect it will be good anyway. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ooh that Blushing Geisha doesn’t sound half bad! Glad your weather has cooled a but- it really has here too. My reading week unfortunately hasn’t been as good- I did finish one book. lol I;m lucky I got that much done. Oh well…

    The Sleepwalker looks good. I like reading by mood too- it makes things go smoother for me. 🙂

    Have a super weekend!

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    1. Oh, yes, mood reading works best for me, too, although I do try to plan out my review books. Which is why I’m happy when I’m caught up. Thanks for visiting, Greg, and I made that sound as if review books aren’t fun…and they often are. I try to only request books I will enjoy. But the deadline aspect does make for a little less fun…lol. More like work.


  2. I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures as well. I started Commonwealth, but then stopped in order to get to my book club book. I will look forward to your review. I am a new fan of Colleen Hoover and will look forward to reading more about Confess. Have a great week!

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    1. I am a new CH fan, too, having read only three of her books. But I loved them all…so I have high hopes for Confess.

      Thanks for stopping by, Pat, and I am very happy with cooler temperatures as well. I walked from the parking lot to the restaurant where i was having lunch, feeling energized.


  3. Four books is an unusual reading week for me. Three is my norm I think.

    I like the look of The Sleepwalker – must check it out. And I’ve not read Confess… Is it a YA novel?

    I hope you enjoy the lunch!

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    1. Yes, my usual is three books, except for my past two weeks. And occasionally I have managed that many in the rare week. Usually it’s when the books are mixed in style/genre, which tends to keep me turning those pages.

      I believe Confess is considered YA…the MC is twenty-one. I’m never sure what the “cut-off” ages are for that label.

      The lunch was fun….we talked and talked, catching up…and stuffed our faces. I’m still full, four hours later. lol.

      Thanks for visiting, Deborah, and have a wonderful week.

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  4. Yes! You should definitely read Confess, Laurel-Rain. While it’s not my favorite CoHo book, it’s a good one 🙂 And congrats on being all caught up on your Netgalley and Vine books, that’s a feat.
    I’m like you, I think about the 24 hour readathon, and I see lots of my friends participating, and then, I don’t do it. I’m not really sure it’s for me, either, to be honest. It kind of feels a bit like work when it’s all scheduled in advance 😀
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

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    1. It sounds like it worked for you….that’s a good number of books. Last year, I didn’t get very far before I got distracted and stopped. Then started again. Hope you enjoyed it, Bryan, and thanks for visiting.


    1. Thanks, Shandy Jo, and I have favorite drinks at each of the neighborhood restaurants. Blushing Geisha at Dai Bai Dang, Pomegranate Martini at Elephant Bar, and Strawberry Margarita at California Pizza Kitchen. LOL.

      I am eager to start reading The Sleepwalker…but I’ll probably wait until closer to the release date. If I can!


  5. I look forward to seeing what you think of Common Wealth. I have had that on my list for awhile. I just read a great review for Hungry Heart and will be reading that too. As far as Dewey’s goes, I too have made several attempts. I have just learned to accept to do what I can when I sign up. I did manage to finish one book during the 24-hour period this time, which is exceptional for me. Have a good week.

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    1. I think accepting our own needs and limitations must be the key. I’m not very competitive about number of books read, etc. Those who are don’t interest me, but usually I find that most bloggers are just having fun.

      Thanks for visiting, Toady. I hope to love Commonwealth.


  6. I hadn’t heard about the Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon. Sounds like quite a challenge. I am a eight-hour-a-night person, so I’d have to have the perfect book to get through the night. Do you know when the next one will be held?

    Both Hungry Heart and Commonwealth look intriguing. More for the TBR pile.

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    1. Yes, I don’t like feeling like I “have to” read a certain number of books, or during a certain time period. I’m a rebel that way. lol

      I did try to participate in it last year.

      Thanks for stopping by, Roberta, and I’m enjoying Commonwealth. Have a great week.


    1. Thanks, Amy, and four books in a week is unusual for me, too, and having done it two weeks in a row feels like a real fluke…or maybe it’s a trend?

      I think the key is to find books that are very engaging.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


  7. I’d love to do the Dewey Readathon, but I never seem to hear about it until it’s too late and I’ve already got other stuff going on. Oh, well! Have a nice lunch with your friend. And way to go on the Read the Books You Buy challenge, as well as being caught up with your NetGalley books! (I’m nowhere close to caught up…eep.)

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    1. When I say caught up on NetGalley, of course I mean those that have been released or are about to be released. I have some that are due in January and March. So I think I will consider myself caught up. lol.

      I enjoyed the lunch, and gabbing as if we hadn’t seen each other in years…oh, wait! We hadn’t seen each other for years!

      Thanks for stopping by, Lark, and enjoy your week.


  8. All these years of blogging and I’ve still never participated in readathon… the timing hasn’t worked out, so I usually declare a personal readathon shortly afterwards. Next weekend looks pretty quiet so far.

    I bought a copy of Commonwealth, so that should be up next for me, too. Hope you enjoyed luck with your friend. The Blushing Geisha looks delicious!!

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    1. Thanks, JoAnn, it was a lovely lunch. I like to do other things on the weekends, which is probably why the Read-A-Thon doesn’t work out for me. I am enjoying Commonwealth so far.

      Enjoy your weekend…and the upcoming week, and thanks for visiting.


  9. Four books in one week? Wow. I’m glad if I finish at least one book in a week at the moment. Working so much really sucks if your a reader. Sigh..
    I really want to read more Colleen Hoover books.. I’ve heard great things about her books.
    Have a great week 😉

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    1. I always think I could do it, since I feel as though I read a lot. But I also get up, move around, spend time on blogging, and even watch TV…so I haven’t really devoted 24/7 to reading. Thanks for visiting, Stormi.


  10. I would never consider the readathon, I guess because I have so much time to read now I am retired but I don’t want to donate a whole 24hrs to it!! Nice to catch up with a previous colleague and gossip and catch up. And very nice to be all caught up on review books.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and I completely agree about not wanting to devote 24 hrs. to reading, when we can now read anytime we want. Love retirement!

      It was great to catch up over lunch and drinks…and not have to worry about the time, like we once did when we were working. Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting (and hosting).


  11. Well, I was down to only one NG book remaining, and then I went requesting yesterday and have 6 pending requests out there. Good thing they are for titles I really wanted anyway, and most are not until next year. I own 3 of the books you have listed: The Kept Woman (downloaded when it first came out but for some reason haven’t picked it up), The Life She Wants (just received in giveaway in the mail) and I just bought Hungry Heart yesterday (with birthday money). I’m actually reading that title right now.
    Have a great birthday yourself this week, Laurel and enjoy!

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    1. Yes, we are the October birthday girls, aren’t we, Rita? I also only request NG books that I want to read, and would buy if I didn’t get them as ARCs. That works best for me, as I’ve had some review book duds over the years.

      I say I’m caught up on NG, and I am…but I do have some books on my shelf (due next year).

      I hope to read Hungry Heart soon. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your week.


    1. I am a Netflix addict, as well as a book lover, so I do alternate my obsessions. Right now there’s nothing I’m really loving on Netflix…so my reading is in the forefront. Thanks for visiting, Jane, and enjoy whatever you’re feasting on this week.


    1. Yes, loving Commonwealth, and can’t wait to read The Sleepwalker. It doesn’t come out until January, so I may postpone the reading until December…OR I could read it now, write up a review (because I tend to forget details), and not post until late December. Hmm.

      Thanks for visiting, Harvee, and enjoy!


  12. I’m keen to read Commonwealth, I purchased a copy a couple of weeks ago after seeing many positive reviews on it. I hope you are enjoying it. Chris Bohjalian is an author who I have enjoyed in the past, it is good to see a new one out.
    That cocktail looks divine, i hope you enjoyed your it and your night out.
    Four books is an awesome effort on the reading front, hopefully it becomes a habit!

    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Amanda, and I am loving Commonwealth…and really enjoyed the lunch/cocktail gab fest.

      I am eager to read The Sleepwalker…and I don’t know if I will keep up with four books this week, but I have a list that looks engaging. Enjoy your week.


    1. Isn’t it wonderful to get books you request? Mostly I get them, but occasionally there will be one I don’t get…and I am always stunned when that happens. lol.

      I like to mix things up on the weekend, with friends, family, Netflix, etc. I will stop feeling guilty about not doing readathons! lol.

      Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and enjoy your week.


  13. Four books a week! FOUR! That’s incredible. I barely get one these days. o_o

    I hope you really enjoyed your lunch out and that delicious looking cocktail! I’m settling down with some hot coffee and a Christmas Mince pie (my favourite festive treat).

    Have another fabulous reading week ahead and enjoy the new reads!

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    1. Oh, that coffee and mince pie sound delightful! I love holiday goodies.

      Enjoy your week, Di, and thanks for visiting. I do like it when I read a lot of books, but some weeks are slower going. I don’t know what this week will be like.


  14. I keep checking in on you here and on FB, but I haven’t been making much progress in the reading department. I was at a quilting retreat for 3 days, not much progress there either. Only progress being made is on our main floor, flooring redo. Almost all the furniture is back in the house, trim work ( DH’s job) still needs to be finished and I need to purge more stuff!!!!!!! Keep up the good work of 4 books per week!!! Amazing!

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    1. I’m reading Commonwealth now, and loving it. Thanks for visiting, Sarah, and have a great week. I suspect that I will read The Sleepwalker sooner rather than later, even if I can’t post the review for a while.


  15. Kathy Martin

    I’d love to have a week when I read four books again. I’d also like to be caught up on review books but they seem to come in faster than I can read them. I hope you enjoy this week’s choices whatever they are. Happy reading!

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  16. Four books! That sure is a great reading week! I hope this pace of yours continues!

    I took part in the 24 hour readathon, however I go in knowing I won’t read for the full 24 hours. I mean, I love books and reading, but I’m definitely not that hardcore. Haha. I did manage to complete two books however, which was amazing and one upped my total the readathon before of a book and a half.

    Looks like you have a variety of interesting titles coming up. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, I’m very excited about The Sleepwalker…hope to read it soon, although the release date isn’t until January. I could write the review (and not post it yet). We’ll see. Thanks for visiting.


  17. Wow that drink looks good. Hope you had fun at the lunch with your former colleague. I’m curious about The Sleepwalker book and Jennifer Weiner’s book. I’m not sure what movie I’ll see next at the theater (do you have any coming?), but I’m in deep of Season 5 of Homeland right now. Enjoy your week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I did, Susan…we almost completely caught up on everything, but we’ll need another session to fully fill in the blanks of the last few years.

      I can’t think of an upcoming movie that I want to watch, but I check every week, just in case.

      My Prague kids love Homeland…I really should start watching it. Thanks for stopping by.


  18. I don’t think anybody reads for that full 24 hours. Breaks are a necessity. I can’t believe I read so much but I still managed to cook three meals and bake from scratch! Now that is somethin’ for moi.

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  19. It’s been years, I think, since I participated in the read-a-thon! I always want to, but something always comes up. This week we have potential buyers visiting our place and friends from out of town for dinner. Lots of fun, but no reading done!
    Coleen Hoover is a popular author, but I have yet to read her. Her books always seem interesting though. Happy reading and have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kay, and I am a new reader of Hoover, having only read three previous books. So far I’m enjoying this one, but the adult novel I read recently called It Ends with Us is my favorite so far.

      Sounds like you have a busy week ahead…hope all goes well.


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  21. I am really enjoyed the fall weather and temperatures as well. It’s nice to have some cooler weather after the warm summer we had. Glad to hear you had a good reading week. I’ve heard some good things about Confess, but I’ve only read one of the author her books, Hopeless I think it was. I hope you’re having a great week!

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