bookish thursdays

Welcome to Thursday, a day that once seemed lost, with nothing exciting happening anywhere.  But then that changed, and today I am celebrating a couple of the bookish events around the blogosphere, like Lexxie’s Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts; and Christine’s Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts.





Today’s Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts excerpt comes from The Book That Matters Most, by Ann Hood.





When Ava’s husband Jim left her for another woman, she decides to try to restart her life, which includes joining a book group.  At the first meeting, Ava approaches the wine and cheese table.


The book group ladies were at that table, plastic glasses of wine in their hands, munching on Camembert and grapes.

Relax, Ava told herself.  She took a deep breath and went to join them.

As soon as Ava got a glass of wine, a slender, ancient blonde in a beige Chanel suit came up to her and said, “Are you the one taking Paula’s spot, (in the book club)  Cate’s friend?”

“I am,” Ava said.

“Glad to have you.  I’m Penny Frost, the grande dame here.  Which just means I’m older than everyone else.”


The Providence book group sounds good to me, as their plan for the year is for each member to pick the book that mattered most to them in their life.

The wine and cheese sound pretty good, too.






My Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts this week:


  • The week has been one of great reading, with two books read and reviewed so far.  (Click titles for reviews).   The Excellent Lombards, by Jane Hamilton, was not my favorite from this author, but it was still a good read. Behind Closed Doors, by B. A. Paris was truly a riveting read.
  • Currently I’m reading The Book That Matters Most, by Ann Hood, excerpted above.
  • The rest of the week has been busy with errands, and I also took a little break for dinner earlier tonight, at the neighborhood Marie Callender’s.



shepherd's pie, salad, wine


  • My youngest son’s birthday was today.  However, we just texted, as we had our celebratory dinner earlier in the month.  He sent me some gorgeous photos of the beach where they kicked back to relax.  His wife is pictured below:



August 24 on the beach


  • A couple of nights ago, I rearranged the dolls in my bedroom, the ones on a couple of the shelves.  Just so the oscillating fan wouldn’t blow the hair of the hippie dolls…yes, silly, right?












  • I am on the final season of Doc Martin, on Netflix, and I’m hoping to find another show to binge-watch when that one is done.
  • I also have some shows to watch on my DVR.  Has anyone been watching Guilt?  The Monday night episode had a startling end, and I suspect it will not resume until next summer.



That’s my week…what has yours been like so far?



    1. Thanks, Kate, and I got in the habit of photographing my dinners out when my son and DIL were visiting last year. She was an avid photographer of everything around her, in her first visit to the US. It was delightful to see her eagerness.

      I picked up the habit, and it’s fun!

      I love cheese, too, and wine…LOL.


  1. I love all of that sand-smoothed driftwood on the beach. Glad you and your son had your own individual celebrations. We used to have a Marie Callander’s in Daly City but it’s long gone. Her pot pies were very popular. Costco sells them in mini form.

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