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Another week flew by, and while the temperatures were slightly cooler (90s on most days), it was too warm to spend outside.  It was a busy week, with the exterminator coming on Wednesday to deal with the cricket problem…which seems to have worked.  Knock wood!

I left the apartment after the spraying, as recommended.  Went to Barnes & Noble for a bit, then The Elephant Bar for lunch…and finally, to my daughter’s salon for a spiff-up (trim and color).

My carpet cover arrived on Monday, and now I can slide around in my chair happily.  Note:  this new chair arrived a few weeks ago from Amazon Vine.  Who knew?




I read and reviewed THREE books this week…and I now have 44 books completed for the Read the Books You Buy Challenge.

No thrillers this week, just sweet books about family, relationships, and interesting characters.  Today I took  Pippa with me and headed to Marie Callender’s for some soup and iced tea.


Sat lunch - july 23


I watched a delightful Netflix series this week…and finished it.  The Last Tango in Halifax.  I’ve been enjoying the British offerings for a while, from the police procedural shows to the family sagas….and I have almost developed an accent.  Or at least have added some expressions to my repertoire.  LOL.



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INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Empty mailbox!  I did download a NetGalley review book, though.  Yay!


The Couple Next Door (e-book), by Shari Lapena (NetGalley – 8/23)





How well do you know the couple next door? Or your husband? Or even—yourself?  

People are capable of almost anything. . . 

A domestic suspense debut about a young couple and their apparently friendly neighbors—a twisty, rollercoaster ride of lies, betrayal, and the secrets between husbands and wives. . . 


WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Currently Reading:  The Orphan Choir (e-book), by Sophie Hannah






I have a number of books from which to choose this week…so I’m not going to decide right now.  But I am eager to follow my moods and my whimsical leanings….Perhaps one of these….






So…that was my week.  What did your week look like?  Right now, I’m enjoying iced tea in one of my vintage tumblers.





  1. Love that vintage tumbler… and sorry to hear about the crickets. I don’t like bugs in the house, and if I saw one or heard them I’d be in full going to war mode lol. I’ve been enjoying some British shows on Netflix too, and you do learn new phrases!

    Glad you got your new cover, and Marie Callender! Agh it always looks so good… wish we had one. Is that cornbread in the pic? And the soup… looks good. It’s been 90’s here this week, and muggy… the dog days are here.

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    1. Thanks, Greg, and to be fair, I only ever saw two crickets in the house, but did hear a chorus of them from behind the washer and dryer…LOL. That did it for me!

      I always hate looking in office stores for those carpet covers, so I ordered it from Amazon…I knew the measurements, so why go in the store? I really hate shopping for stuff like that.

      That is cornbread with the soup…they always offer it at Marie Callender’s, and I don’t always take it…but today felt like one for cornbread. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Sorry about the crickets but glad to hear the spray seemed to have worked. The insect issue is definitely worse here right now. I don’t know if it’s because our winter was mild or if it’s just that mosquitoes hate me. Whatever the reason, I’m not enjoying it. I’ll have to check out The Last Tango in Halifax on Netflix. Sounds interesting. Have a great week!

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    1. I was starting to take the cricket issue personally, but then everywhere I go, people are saying they are like a pestilence this year…LOL. I last remembered them in the house back in the 1980s…and that was because my teenagers left doors open, standing there and talking while the bugs marched in.

      Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and I was very happy to just stumble upon The Last Tango in Halifax, and found it so addictive.


  3. Oh Laurel I love those vintage cups and am remembering my mother’s. Perfect in summer and cold to the touch!

    Am envious re the new Lisa Scottoline as she’s an author I enjoy. Is the Sophie Hannah new I wonder?! And a hugely busy week on your blogs again as usual.

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    1. The Sophie Hannah is new to me, but it’s been out since 2014. Her books usually come out earlier in other places, and then later here. So I tend to lose track of when they’re coming out until the release date has come and gone.

      I love Scottoline’s books, too, from her thrillers to her memoirs.

      Thanks for stopping by, Deborah, and I love the vintage tumblers, too. When I was a child, they came with cottage cheese in them, and then my mom saved them and used them for drinking. Fun, right?


    1. Thanks, Kimberly, I do hate crickets, and, knock wood, I haven’t seen anything since the spraying.

      I couldn’t believe how many lovely household items they give away on Vine! But the chair was the biggest thing I’ve gotten. I have also received lovely tablecloths and napkins.

      Mostly books, though.

      Thanks for stopping by, and the tumbler set is my favorite thing; mostly it is displayed in my little country cupboard. I saw some actual old sets in magazines about flea markets…but found these on Amazon. New, of course, but look exactly like the old ones…and more sanitary, I suspect. LOL.


    1. Hi, Karen, would you “fancy a cup of tea?” Or how about this one: “I’m beggared if I can place him.” Or “it’s all nowt.” (I’m not sure of the spelling on that last one, but there were captions, and that’s what it looked like). LOL.

      I could listen all day! I was the same way when I went to Boston for a work trip. I sat in the lobby and listened to the Kennedeyesque language.

      Thanks for stopping by…and enjoy your week!


    1. Oh, they are, and they would start their chorus just after I had fallen asleep! Very rude.

      Now I’ve been noticing them in movies, only those crickets provide outdoor background noise. LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Deb. Enjoy your week.


    1. It is impossible for me to curtail my buying when I see a book I MUST have…lol. Working hard to read those books I buy is a worthy challenge for me.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mareli, and I noticed someone else used that post too.


  4. Is that an aluminum cup? My mom had a set of 4 different colored ones in the 50s-60s era, and we loved drinking iced tea or lemonade in them in the summer. Who knows where they went over the years? She didn’t pass them on to anyone so she must’ve gotten rid of them along the way…

    My SIL just recommended Last Tango.. I should check it out as I just finished Bosch (based on Michael Connelly series set in LA) this week. Was hard to watch tv with granddaughter here– all cable shows throw in some suggested or blatant nudity, and her mother would’ve got very upset with me if she saw those shows 🙂

    Good books for you this week– enjoy them all! We are still in triple digits for the last few days– I got a bit sunburned at the beach, which I wouldn’t have gone to if we didn’t have company. People think the beach is a great choice during a heat wave, but I find the opposite. The sand and sun are too scorching then to enjoy.

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    1. Yes, aluminum….although mine are the new version sold on Amazon. I do remember them from the 50s/60s, too. They came with cottage cheese inside, after which my mom washed them and used them for drinking tumblers. I don’t know what happened to her set, either. But I saw some in a flea market magazine, and realized that they are probably sold in such places.

      However…I went on Amazon.

      I’ll have to check out Bosch. I love anything from BBC lately. Did you watch Broadchurch? Or how about Happy Valley?

      I could listen to the accents all day. I put up the captions, though, just in case I don’t “catch” a phrase. LOL.

      I haven’t been to the beach in ages! I live two-and-a-half hours away, and my daughter goes a lot. She has friends on the Central Coast, so she always has a place to stay. Lucky girl.

      Thanks for visiting, Rita, and enjoy your week.


    1. I am feeling optimistic about the crickets’ departure…LOL. Maybe I shouldn’t say that? Could they return if I’m overly optimistic?

      I do love those tumblers, and don’t use them often…I like looking at them in the glass-fronted cupboard. But iced tea tastes wonderful in them.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah, and I finished my Sophia Hannah book today….eerie read!

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  5. fuonlyknew

    I’m liking your books this week. Several authors I’ve not read in a while. It seems, with so many new authors, I forget some favorites and get behind on their releases. I have a cricket problem too! They keep getting in and drive me crazy at night. I think I’m having such a problem because out Geckos are missing this year. I don’t know why there aren’t any, but they sure helped keep bugs and spiders out of my house. Heppy reading and hope your crickets are gone for good.

    My Sunday Post

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    1. Oh, interesting fact! I didn’t know that geckos kept bugs under control. When I lived in the foothills for thirteen years, I didn’t see any crickets inside…but a few lizards (geckos?) got in. LOL.

      I had a great reading day…finished The Orphan Choir and reviewed it. Interesting book that made me feel as though I were losing my mind!

      Thanks for stopping by, Laura.


  6. I got The Couple Next Door from NetGalley too. It looks excellent. All of the books on your list look good. I think I’ll try The Last Tango in Halifax. Thanks for the suggestion! Hope you have a great week.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne. I had heard nothing about Last Tango, but I did love the female actor playing one of the main roles: Sarah Lancashire. She was in Happy Valley, which I enjoyed. So I was very excited at how immersed I became in the show, watching every night until I finished. Now I want to watch it again…LOL.

      I think The Couple Next Door will be a page turner, too. Enjoy your week.


  7. You’re the second blogger I’ve seen to post about bug problems last week. I hope the extermination worked and the crickets are gone, noisy little buggers. We’re going to be in the 90s all week and I’m not happy about it. Thank goodness home, work, and my car have A/C! I’ll have to check out The Last Tango in Halifax as I like many of the British police shows.

    I read one Sophie Hannah book and enjoyed it; I hope you like this one. The Mary Higgins Clark book looks good too. Happy reading!

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    1. Oh, yes, I have been noticing others with crickets, too, and all around town I run into people mentioning them. The exterminator told me we are having a very challenging year. The heat, etc. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are gone for good.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bea, and I finished The Orphan Choir today. It’s different from her other books, but it definitely reeled me in. Enjoy your week!


  8. adventureswithabooknerd

    90 degree weather sounds WONDERFUL! All through this week, the high is suppose to be 105 for me! So I’m defiantly staying inside this week. Sometimes its nice to take a break from thrillers and action/adventure books for a while, and just read happy books. I think that I may just have to do that soon. I hope that you have a fabulous week. 🙂

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    1. Yes, crickets should disappear off the face of the earth! LOL.

      Those are definitely Jim Shore creations. They are now under the umbrella of Enesco, along with a few other things I collect. I haven’t bought any new ones in a while, but I have enough to last me indefinitely.

      Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl, and I am tired of the heat, although we did have a reprieve last week with some days in the 90s. Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Kathryn, I am eager to read my books, forget about the existence of crickets, and cool off a bit. It is likely to stay pretty hot, going from 90s to the triple digits, for another two months or more.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting…and hosting.


  9. The Couple Next Door looks twisted and suspenseful. I would like to know how that one shapes up for you, although it’s not something I would normally read.

    I hope your crickets stay away – they can be some of the most annoying incessant creatures known to man!!! They irritate me to no end. 😉

    Hope you have a good week further.

    My #IMWAYR is on my Blog.

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    1. Yes, everything is relative, isn’t it? After many days of triple digits, the weather men actually announced a “cooling trend” coming, in the 90s. LOL.

      I am eager to read The Couple Next Door. Thanks for stopping by, Mia, and enjoy your week.


  10. Kathy Martin

    Enjoy your reading this week. I’m entering a stretch of review book reading though I’m looking with longing at some of the books that are from my TBR mountain. Come see what my week was like here. Happy reading!

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    1. Oh, I loved Broadchurch! I wish there were more episodes/seasons!

      My six blogs are my downsizing effort, after having as many as twenty…and eleven for the longest time. It’s a long story, but for a while I had one for each book I had published, and then some for various quirky things I enjoy (Collections, etc.). Then I combined a few. That works better for me. They are: An Interior Journey, Curl up and Read, Potpourri, Snow Sparks, Serendipity, and Rainy Days and Mondays.

      I go back and forth between them, posting memes, reviews, etc. During Bloggiesta, one or more of them gets a lot of maintenance. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Chelsea. Enjoy your week.


  11. I hope your cricket problem is gone. It’s so hot here and to be hotter this week, I have a feeling all little yard creatures are going to be coming in for the cool air. Yuck. On a side note, I didn’t see this in my feedly feed over the weekend. I need to find out where it went because I know I added your Serendipity to my list on feedly.

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    1. I don’t know if I’m on feedly. I am on Bloglovin. You can also do an e-mail subscription. Thanks for searching.

      I also hope the crickets are gone…no sign of them since the spraying (knock wood!), although I must admit that when all is quiet in the house and I’m trying to fall asleep, I cringe a little, wondering.

      Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and enjoy your week.

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  12. I don’t know why but I’m never thought of crickets as something you exterminate. Glad your problem is solved though. I will be interested to see what you think of the orphan choir as I enjoyed it – spooky!

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      1. We don’t get crickets over here so I just have this slightly romantic vision of them chirping on hot cummerbund evenings in the south. Not quite the same in real life I guess?

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    1. OMG, that makes me laugh! My daughter has a text tone that’s actually a whistle, but whenever I hear it, I think of crickets, too.

      I definitely do not want anything in my phone to remind me of crickets, especially not now when their presence is still fresh in my mind.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary, and have a great week. My chair is very comfy now that I have the new carpet cover.


  13. I was so sad when our local Elephant Bar went out of business. My husband and I used to enjoy having lunch there. Hopefully you remain cricket-free and enjoy your new carpet cover!

    I hope you have a great week, Laurel-Rain. Happy Reading!

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    1. Oh, I am always sad when favorite shops and restaurants go out of business. For me, there was a great shop for collectibles that closed in the same year that a favorite restaurant next to the theater, called Fuzio’s, closed down (2009). Now there is only one restaurant I like that is near the theater. Sigh.

      Sorry you don’t have The Elephant Bar. It’s not next to the theater, but it’s a go-to place for me.

      So far so good on the crickets…and I’m happily rolling around on my carpet cover. Enjoy your week, Wendy, and thanks for visiting.


    1. Yes, and I am enjoying the quiet as I fall asleep, although I am still wary….it will be a week without crickets on Wednesday, but could it be over? We shall see.

      I guess I need to try Doc Martin and Kingdom. Thanks for the tip, Yvonne, and for stopping by.

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    1. I am eager to dive into The Couple Next Door. At someone’s suggestion (above), I tried Doc Martin, another British show, and I’m loving it so far. Thanks for stopping by, Ardis, and enjoy your week.


  14. The Cue Card

    It sounds hot there. I hope your cricket problem has been solved. I don’t think you should read The Summer’s End just yet. LOL it’s too early! Enjoy your week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So far I’ve seen no sign of them! Knock wood. And yes, it is very hot, even now at 8:00 p.m. Enjoy your week, Susan. I have decided to go up north to the coast next week. I am excited, now that there is a plan.


  15. I have never heard of a cricket invasion – it must have been loud!! I am glad your problem is solved.

    The Couple Next Door looks good – and scary!! I might have to add it to my list for the fall!

    I will also have to check out The Last Tango in Halifax – sounds wonderful!

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    1. Yes, there were only individual crickets, twice, and then a chorus of them in the laundry room. Gone now, I think. I hope. Thanks for stopping by, Erin, and I can’t recommend Last Tango enough. It was delightful.


    1. It’s strange how that happens. Ants used to be the worst thing I feared…or roaches, which I haven’t had. But I used to get ants a lot years ago, and then started storing stuff in the fridge once it was opened. People laugh at me, but I’ll never forget the lovely food that I lost to ants in the past.

      I guess in comparison, crickets just seem creepy. LOL. Thanks for visiting, Leslie.


  16. Oooo is The Elephant Bar nice? I’ve seen one since we’ve moved here but haven’t tried it yet.

    It looks like a good variety of books – I haven’t heard of any of them so I’m going to look them up now. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoy it, Natalie, and it’s right around the corner from where I live, which means I go there a lot. And people treat regular customers like old friends…LOL.

      I am also looking forward to these books. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy yours.


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